Christine's Husband Has Been Taking the High Road

Once you get sucked into the all-consuming world of Big Brother, it can be easy to forget about the houseguests' lives in the real world. The "drama" inside the house makes for great TV, but the contestants aren't actors. So once the game starts getting personal, it can have some pretty nasty effects on the players' family and friends. When people began to see Big Brother 's Christine and Cody getting super flirty this season, some trolls took their hate to Twitter, where they let Christine's husband Tim Brecht know exactly how awful a person they think his wife is. Fortunately, Tim is a seriously awesome dude, and he's not having any of that nonsense. Throughout the summer, Tim has been sticking up for Christine, poking fun at Cody, and defending his marriage, all via social media.

Of course, having his personal life become fodder for millions of (notoriously exuberant) Big Brother fans hasn't been easy for Tim. He hasn't said anything seriously derogatory about Cody yet, but he frequently retweets jokes made at Cody's expense. Honestly, if the only Internet hate Tim can manage to muster is passing along a few jibes and (obviously-in-jest) insults, this guy deserves a medal for self-control. Or maybe he just trusts his wife, as shocking as that may seem.

But just because Tim has chosen not to get ugly doesn't mean he can't have some fun, right? He's obviously got a sense of humor about the situation, and he's making the most out of this whole mess by retweeting some shade at Cody, like this gem from a Zach fan account.

Up until the Aug. 17 episode aired, Big Brother editors and producers had chosen to pretty much ignore Cody and Christine's cuddling. The only person to talk on-air about Cody's frequent flirting before that was Brittany Martinez, who complained she was at a disadvantage because she was the only girl in the house who wasn't trying to hook up with Cody. But despite her feelings, it's been well documented that Cody's just a touchy guy. See examples below:

What can I say, the man likes his cuddles. The point is, unless you watched the live feeds or read sites written by people who watch the live feeds, you had no idea anyone was speculating about Christine and Cody until the most recent episode, which devoted several minutes to a gossip sesh between all the remaining guys (minus Cody) about the two of them.

Maybe that triggered an uptick in general Christine hate. Since that episode, Tim has been even more proactively defending his marriage.

Just 16 minutes after posting that, he retweeted this:

Two and a half hours later, a realization struck:

By midnight that night, he was sick of everyone giving opinions on his relationship, so he retweeted this:

Seven hours later, he was still pissed and he wrote his first genuinely angry response we've seen:

But just a few minutes later, he had clearly calmed down and was focusing on the more important things in life:

And by the next day he was back to his old jokey self, retweeting this:

Clearly, Tim understands that Big Brother is a game and as Christine herself pointed out, getting close with Cody is a strategy. They're friends, and that's all. But even if there was something going on, Tim has demonstrated that he and his wife will handle it on their own. No need for your input, Twitter haters.

Though just to be safe, mayyyybe Cody should find another buddy in the house:

Images: CBS; Dorkisms; CBS (4)