New 'Homeland' Teaser Released, Asks Us "Who Do You Trust?"

If you thought last month 's Homeland teaser trailer was way too confusing for your taste, you're in luck: A new 30-second teaser has just been released to promote the hit show's upcoming third season, and while it's no wealth of information, it's definitely less complicated than its predecessor.

The trailer opens on three identical monitors, in what looks to be somewhere within the now well-known CIA headquarters. The first screen flips on, and it's — what else? — that familiar "I am not a terrorist" video Brody (Damian Lewis) made forever ago that's been shown so many times on the show that faithful viewers could probably recite it from heart. Moments later, the camera pans to the second screen, where we see Carrie (Claire Danes) using her crazy eyes to proclaim Brody's innocence, telling someone unknown that she doesn't think "Brody knew the bomb was in his car."

This, of course, refers to last season's shitstorm of a finale, during which a bomb went off at Vice President Walden's memorial service and all blame was directed at Brody. Finally, the third screen is shown, and it's Saul (Mandy Patinkin) saying that he "won't throw Carrie under the bus" because "she's unstable," and that he's "on her side." The teaser ends with the ominous question, "Who do you trust?" If Showtime wanted to get our attention, they got it.

It's still six long weeks until our favorite crier returns to TV, but the anticipation is starting to build. We'll have to resort to watching this to soothe our Homeland withdrawal in the meantime.

Check out the teaser below:


Image: Showtime