Who Is 'RHOM's Ben Gillies? Jackie Was Actually Sort of Right About Him Being a Rockstar

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Jackie Gillies from The Real Housewives of Melbourne wants you to know that her husband is a rockstar. In fact, she wants you to know this so badly that she mentions it in almost every other sentence she speaks on the show. Methinks that the psychic doth exaggerate her husband's influence too much. So, who is Ben Gillies from Real Housewives of Melbourne , really? Is he that exciting? Does he really look like Johnny Depp? The answers are, respectively, no, no, and yes — if Jack Sparrow didn't tan and was permanently viewed through the perspective of a fisheye lens.

Because you're probably not a psychic like Jackie, here is everything you need to know about Ben Gillies, the infamous rockstar husband of RHOM.

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