How Many Emmys Does This Funny Lady Have?

-If you don't love Julia Louis-Dreyfus, you probably don’t have a television or a heart. The actress has given us many reasons to pee our pants with laughter as Elaine Benes on Seinfeld , Selina Meyer on Veep and pretty much everything she’s ever done. Rounding out a momentous career in comedy excellence, the fantasy best friend is nominated for her 15th Emmy this year as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy on Veep. So how many Emmys has Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won? Prepare to have your socks knocked off.

Looking at her total Emmy wins and nods, she's basically like the Derek Jeter of TV Comedy.

With Louis-Dreyfus' historic 14th Emmy nod in 2013 for Veep, the actress busted the record for Emmy nominations by a single actress set by Lucille Ball. I repeat, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a national treasure in leagues with one of the pioneering dames of TV comedy, and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences confirms it. She currently has four Emmy awards, and is the only comedy actress in Emmy history to win for three different shows. It's very possible that Louis-Dreyfus could win her fifth Emmy this year, placing her amongst the illustrious handful of five-time Emmy winners like Don Knotts, Kelsey Grammer, and Michael J. Fox. Like I said: national treasure. Let's look back at all of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' wins, because this lady is an Emmy bank.

1996 for "Elaine Benes" in Seinfeld

The fifth nomination was a charm for Louis-Dreyfus. Her performance as Elaine on the ten-year run of Seinfeld won her seven nominations for Outstanding Comedy Actress in a Supporting Role. She took home her first Emmy award ever in 1996, after four previous years of nominations. We knew those shoulder pads deserved an award.

2006 for "Christine Campbell" in The New Adventures of Old Christine

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In 2006, Louis-Dreyfus won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Actress in a Lead Role for her work as Christine Campbell on The New Adventures of Old Christine. She was nominated for a total of five times for the same role and the same award. The year she won this award, she was nominated alongside Lisa Kudrow for The Comeback and Debra Messing for Will & Grace. Eat your heart out, Seinfeld curse.

2012 for "Selina Meyer" in Veep

Here's Emmy number three for Louis-Dreyfus, which she won in 2012 for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy for Veep. Beyond the fact that she's brilliant as the neurotic and totally lost Vice Prez, if you want to know why I love her, all you need to do is check out the above acceptance speech. The prank that she and additional fantasy bestie Amy Poehler pulled on the world by jokingly switching acceptance speeches will make your heart explode. The result is amazing.

2013 for "Selina Meyer" in Veep (Again!)

And again, Louis-Dreyfus wins the the award for "speech of the night" on top of her fourth Emmy. This year, her on-screen assistant Tony Hale accompanies her on stage and pretends to remind her of everyone she needs to thank. Oh Selina, erm, I mean Julia... how do I love thee? Let me count the clever insults you taught me...

So if she wins this year, what could she do to top those last speeches? Wear an Elaine Benes wig? Bring Amy Poehler up on stage with her and do a choreographed Vaudevill number? The possibilities are endless.

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