7 Most Memorable Movie Coffee Scenes

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

Coffee is the center of my world every single morning (and several times throughout the day), and it's also at the center of some of the most iconic and memorable film scenes. Coffee, coffee shops, preparing coffee buying coffee, and all the coffee-related activities are the source of so much endless and simultaneous frustration and joy in real life that these same feelings surrounding coffee have been reflected right back to us in some of the most famous films ever made. Without coffee, there would be no life before 10 a.m., and there would be a lot more boring, caffeine-free movies, and caffeine-free is no way for any self-respecting human person to live. Must. Have. COFFEE. In my body. And in my movies.

It's hard to narrow down a definitive list of the best movie coffee scenes EVER, especially for a coffee addict like myself, and especially because there are so many great coffee and coffee-shop related movie scenes ... besides the one most people might tend to think of first. But I managed. Here is my definitive list of the best coffee, coffee shop, and coffee-related movie scenes of all time.

And now I am reminded that I need coffee.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

The classic.

Stream Breakfast at Tiffany's here.


The French classic.

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Role Models

"Large" is large.

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It's too weird to be left off the list.

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L.A. Story

An L.A. style coffee scene.

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Coffee: bringing cops and bad guys together since 1995.

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Pulp Fiction

Some serious gourmet shit.

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Image: Paramount Pictures