Little Boy Horrified When Dad "Takes" His Ear, In The Cutest Video You'll See All Week

For some kids, like Sadie Miller, mortality is the hardest pill to swallow. For others, like Jesse Fulcher's son, it's the thought of losing an ear or nose that cues the waterworks. In the cutest video since last month's adorably heartwrenching display of sibling affection, this video of a little boy devastated by his father's I-pulled-off-your-ear trick is sure to cure even the worst case of your Hump Day blues.

Baby boy Fulcher fell victim to an age-old trick in a video first uploaded to YouTube last Friday. The original video has already garnered 86,000 views, and the re-uploaded version by LiveLeak has hit 38,000. At this rate, "Daddy took my ear and nose" is on track to be one of the biggest viral videos of the year.

The fun begins when Jesse, ever the responsible father, sets up the ruse by first asking his son's permission, saying, "Can I take your ear off real quick?"

His son, unaware of his father's magical ear detaching capabilities, agrees with a quiet, "Yes." Jesse then proceeds to grab ahold of his young son's ear and gives it a gentle tug, and with a convincing "pop," takes advantage of his child's willful imagination.

Showing him a thumb tucked between his index and middle finger, Jesse exclaims, "Look, there it is!" And the little boy, clearly horrified by the sudden departure of his most prized body part, bursts into tears.

He turns away, horrified by the sight of his detached ear, but then takes one more appealing look at what he has lost, which only deepens his sorrow. Jesse, then, does what any good father would do, and attempts to right his wrongs and assuage his son's fears.

"Do you want me to put it back on?" he asks, and his sons continuing sobs serve as Jesse's affirmation. With a display of dexterity that would make even the most experienced surgeons a bit jealous, Jesse returns the ear to its rightful owner, and it seems that all is well again.

Giving himself a little spin (probably to check his equilibrium), baby Fulcher is momentarily appeased. But then, he turns accusingly to his father, and tells mom, our most consistent ally, "He did it again." Jesse, you rascal, you've done this before!

Unfortunately for baby Fulcher, mom is not exactly on his side for this particular battle, and she misinterprets his mumbling as, "You want him to do it again." That face though, does not look like one that wants to be messed with.

But Jesse is no amateur, clearly. And like any good magician, he knows never to do the same trick twice, and this time around, he makes grand plans for another, more central facial feature. "Want me to do your nose this time?" And poor, poor baby Fulcher, who has learned nothing, is all to eager to come forward with a semi-excited, "Yeah."

One more "pop" later, baby Fulcher is left staring, devastated by the potential loss of his sense of smell. Why, parents?! Why deprive me so young of the aromas of bacon, cinnamon rolls and roses?! After checking to ensure that his father has indeed taken his nose, the little boy dissolves into an even more overwhelming fit of tears.

He points, wordless with anger, practically shaking in rage over the loss of his nose at a chortling Jesse, while his giggling mother manages to gasp, "That's so messed up," between fits of laughter. At this point, I too have devolved into a chortling mess.

But from baby Fulcher's point of view, I really get it, you know? How many times can you lose body parts over the course of a minute, and more importantly, how could you lose them to your father? That fiend!

But fret not! Jesse Fulcher would never leave his son's nose unattached — "I'll put it back," he reassures the child, and after convincing him to stand still, brushes a loving hand along his face, thereby returning the nose to its original location (hint: it was there all along).

Baby Fulcher does one final spin, which is always a good idea after having lost and rediscovered limbs — you've gotta make sure they're all attached properly — and once he's satisfied that he is whole once again, seems to settle down for good.

Dear Jesse Fulcher, for your next video, please record what happens when your son finds out that quarters appear from behind his ears. And upload that footage instantly.

Images: Jesse Fulcher/Youtube