'Finding Carter's David Used Carter, Lied About Lori, & Is Officially The Worst

Is there any possible way that we could like David any less? After eight episodes, Finding Carter has turned Carter's dad David into almost as big of a villain as her kidnapper and former mom, Lori. Fans have already started drumming up theories that David is involved in Carter's kidnapping, but on Tuesday night's new episode of Finding Carter things got even worse. David made Carter choose between having him in her life and keeping his book from being published and told her a huge lie regarding Lori that cemented his place as the worst TV dad of all time. Ugh.

On Tuesday night, Grant told Carter and Taylor that Elizabeth was having an affair with Gabe's dad, Kyle. So, naturally, the girls decided to confront their mother about it, because that would totally happen in real life. And, while it went well for Elizabeth's relationship with her daughters, it didn't go well with her husband, David. Carter told Elizabeth that she had to come clean to David, which would've been fine if he hadn't known about the affair the entire time and if the girls didn't know. When Elizabeth first confessed, David was all like, "I know," and that was that, but as soon as she told him that the kids were involved, he lost it, made her move out, and ran away to a bar. Great parenting.

And that was just the beginning — when Carter went looking for David, he basically manipulated her into letting him publish his book about her. I wish I were kidding. Essentially, David told Carter that if she wanted him and Elizabeth to stay together and not get a divorce, she needed to agree to let him publish his book. Really great, right? And Carter, feeling like this whole thing was her fault for confronting Elizabeth, AGREED — as long as she's got creative approval, though. Are you kidding me, David? Toying with your daughter's feelings of guilt so you can profit off of her kidnapping? WORST DAD EVER.

Don't you think so, too? Well, there's more. At the beginning of the episode, David brought Carter to a "previously arranged" meeting to say goodbye to Lori. And the meeting was never arranged — of course, Lori didn't show, which left Carter feeling more lost and alone than before. Carter has trust issues, so for David to lie to her like that and put her in that position was seriously bad parenting and just plain selfish. So when Carter asked Elizabeth about her and David's phone call with Lori and about the meeting and Elizabeth had no idea, Carter lost it.

Even if David didn't conspire with Lori to kidnap Carter, he's easily rivaling her for the spot of Finding Carter's worst parent.

Image: MTV