'Finding Carter' Spoilers From Cynthia Watros Reveal that Elizabeth's Affair Will Change Everything

The truth is going to hit the fan on MTV's Finding Carter, but it might not actually be that bad. It's been a tough road for the Wilson family on Season 1 of MTV's new drama and it's only going to get more difficult on Tuesday night's episode. Carter's return, while a relief after years of grief, didn't exactly go over as happily as a parent or sibling would expect. And now that Carter's somewhat forged relationships with Taylor and her mom, the kids are all going to learn about Elizabeth's infidelity. But that might not be a bad thing, says the actress who plays Elizabeth, Cynthia Watros, in an interview with Bustle. The big reveal could actually bring the family back together.

In week, Grant overheard Elizabeth discussing her affair with Kyle and in the promo for Tuesday's new episode, he drops the bomb on Taylor and Carter. So, how will Elizabeth handle her kids finding out that she's a big liar? And how will it change her relationship with David, considering he's known about this affair the entire time? "Definitely everything comes to a head in Tuesday's episode," Watros says. "There's sort of an explosion of truth and everyone has issues with it."

But how explosive will the truth actually be? Everyone on Finding Carter has secrets — heck, it's possible that even Grandma Joan has a secret we've yet to learn. Whether it be based in darkness, like Alexis Denisof teased about the "interesting" nature of Carter's father David, or an inability to let go like Carter's secret contact and meeting with Lori. So, while Elizabeth's affair will take the forefront of Tuesday night's truth conversation, who knows how far the aforementioned "truth explosion" can spread.

"I think Elizabeth is put in a very difficult situation where she has to be completely honest," Watros says about Elizabeth's children confronting her about her affair. However, it won't destroy her relationship with them — especially not the one she's been working so hard to build with Carter. "I think it'll only bring some sort of closeness back to the family once the explosion happens," the actress explains further, "But yeah, everyone's affected by it."

Will we see a shift in Elizabeth's character now that all of her cards are out on the table, much like Denisof teased that we'd see a dark side of her husband David? "Elizabeth definitely has darkness in her," Watros says, but we're not going to see her shrink into her hard shell from earlier this season just because her affair is out there and she has to make a difficult choice about coming clean. "She's exploring other sides of herself, other softer sides," the actress says. Fans did already see one new side of her when she decided to put her relationship with Carter before her desire to arrest Lori for kidnapping her.

And it'll be Elizabeth's newly discovered soft side and vulnerability that will turn what would otherwise be a painful conversation into a chance for this family to heal and get closer. And that's really what they need now that Carter set the ball rolling by being honest about seeing Lori and almost running away with her.

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