Are Rudy & Jacque Really 'SYTYCD' Sweethearts? A Social Media Investigation

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Dance is a world where it's pretty much impossible to tell who's dating who; they could be flirting, or they could just be casually mapping out each other's bodies with only their hands and eyes after successfully completing a particularly passionate dance. Have you ever seen Dancing With the Stars? I always assume every single one of those couples is dating until I find out the star is happily married mother of five, three episodes in. So, it's understandable that there have been questions of the legitimacy of Rudy Abreu and Jacque LeWarne's relationship on So You Think You Can Dance. On one hand, Cat seems a little too excited about pimping their love out for it to be entirely organic. On the other, Rudy and Jacque are very, very precious. Which made it all the more unfortunate when Rudy was sent home last week.

If theirs was simply a showmance, all love might have been lost last Wednesday night with America's decision. But if the two were really dating for the last month, maybe this thing will last long enough for SYTYCD to have another family wedding like tWitch and Allison's. With the teens, there's only one way to tell: social media. Let's see what Rudy and Jacque's Instagram and Twitters have to say about their (maybe) epic romance.

Image: Rudy Abreu/Instagram

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