Are Rudy & Jacque Really 'SYTYCD' Sweethearts? A Social Media Investigation

Dance is a world where it's pretty much impossible to tell who's dating who; they could be flirting, or they could just be casually mapping out each other's bodies with only their hands and eyes after successfully completing a particularly passionate dance. Have you ever seen Dancing With the Stars? I always assume every single one of those couples is dating until I find out the star is happily married mother of five, three episodes in. So, it's understandable that there have been questions of the legitimacy of Rudy Abreu and Jacque LeWarne's relationship on So You Think You Can Dance. On one hand, Cat seems a little too excited about pimping their love out for it to be entirely organic. On the other, Rudy and Jacque are very, very precious. Which made it all the more unfortunate when Rudy was sent home last week.

If theirs was simply a showmance, all love might have been lost last Wednesday night with America's decision. But if the two were really dating for the last month, maybe this thing will last long enough for SYTYCD to have another family wedding like tWitch and Allison's. With the teens, there's only one way to tell: social media. Let's see what Rudy and Jacque's Instagram and Twitters have to say about their (maybe) epic romance.

Image: Rudy Abreu/Instagram

The couple who breakfasts together...

…stays together, especially if they post matching tweets about it. If you can stand someone first thing in the morning, you might just want to lock them down for life — and it seems like that could be Rudy and Jacque’s plan for each other. On August 2, Rudy made it clear to the world that he had a pretty stunning breakfast date, and Jacque followed up with an equally silly picture of the guy across the table from her.

Image: Rudy Abreu/Twitter

They put their money where 'SYTYCD's mouth is

Whether they were ready or not, SYTYCD outed Rudy and Jacque’s mutual crushes in an almost overwhelming way one month ago. But those two crazy kids, they’re not scared of a little public proclomation, and Rudy quickly followed up with this romantic shot of them being charmingly awkward. Plus, the signature red heart emoji he uses for Jacque. Kids these days…

Image: Rudy Abreu/Instagram

Rudy kisses and tells

Rudy is a big ol’ flirt and everybody knows it; but he makes his Jacque preferences pretty evident on his Instagram. After all, he’s not kissing just everyone on there. In addition to claiming her “perfect smile” and ability to make him happy as his favorite things about Jacque, he also seems to be a pretty big fan of posing for pictures together.

Image: Rudy Abreu/Instagram

Jacque has a more subtle approach

While looking at Rudy’s social media (and general behavior), you might think these two are about to give each other their pins, but Jaque’s Instagram makes her seem like a free agent. She does have more subtle hints on her Twitter though, like retweeting the occasional friendly picture from Rudy, or tweets from her friends that just happen to only tag Jacque and Rudy, even though they feature a group photo…

I’m digging deep here, okay?

Image: Rudy Abreu/Twitter

The proof is in the picture

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one says “luv” one thousand times. The vibe I’m picking up is that Rudy may just be a smitten kitten, or alternatively, Jacque might just be slightly less, uh, gregarious than him. It would be difficult not to be. But she’s not totally putting a lid on the romance…

Image: Rudy Abreu/Twitter

What do you mean by "miss?"

Following Rudy’s exit from SYTYCD, Jacque finally made it photo-official that she at least enjoys being in Rudy’s vicinity, posting this picture in Twitter with the caption, “Gonna miss this cutie…you’re amazing Rudy!” The face-touching, the compliments, the rhyming… it seems Jacque might be just as smitten as old Energizer Bunny, over there.

But what exactly does she mean by “miss this cutie?” I’m going to assume — for the sake of the fans — that she means “miss,” as in she’ll miss seeing him in rehearsals every day, and not “miss,” as in, “It was good while it lasted, kid, thanks for the extra votes, but I’m gonna be a STAR!”

Image: Jacque LeWarne/Twitter

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