They're the Best Random BFFs Ever

by Georgette Eva

As a Taylor Swift fan, it's hard not to keep up with the catalog of famous friends the pop star's accrued, from Hailee Steinfeld to Emma Stone to Lena Dunham. To a certain extent, I can make sense of these friendships, but I suppose I'm a little surprised (in a good way!) by the "Shake It Off" singer's friendship with Bluebell's own Lemon Breeland. Really, I can't be the only one wondering how Taylor Swift and Jaime King met, can I? Maybe because they just seem so different to me. The Hart of Dixie actress is a mother, wife, and lives in the deep South where she manages the Belles history society in Bluebell with a Machiavellian lady-like fist — OK, that last one might just be her character on the show. Then on the flip side, Swift is a little more carefree, enjoying her single-dom, handing out cash to fans on the street. I wonder when Swift met King or when these two found their spark.

King’s been hanging out with Swift a lot lately. She’s popped up a few times on Swift’s Instagram: sunning, hanging out on July Fourth, and most recently to join in with the ASL ice bucket challenge.

Nothing cements true friendship like dousing your new mate with a large bucket of ice cold water. And as if you needed more proof that these two were more than just a summer friend fling, at Tuesday night's Sin City: a Dame to Kill For premiere, King was full of nice things about Tay Swizzle's new album 1989, because being a first listener to an anxiously awaited album is just one of the perks of being in Swift's inner circle.

“This album, I could not tell you how amazing it is," the actress said. “I’m trying to wrack my brain to try to think of an album that I’ve loved this much in the past 10 years. It’s very difficult for me to think of one that’s so solid as an album, all the way through as a whole album.”

Apparently, Swift met King at a Weinstein Co. Golden Globes Party back in January, they met for lunch in Beverly Hills, and started hanging out more during the summer. I'm sure they clicked over lipsticks and floral sundresses, and possibly kittens and knitting. Come to think of it, Swift would totally fit in in the fictional Southern town on King's show! I mean, her style is very much like Lemon's on Hart of Dixie. From the short, blonde coif to the the perfect red lips.

You see it right?

King's pretty smitten with her new BFF. She's been posting pics of Swift's stint on Jimmy Fallon and of her new music video on her Instagram. Plus, she had these nice things to say about the singer, "She’s the most fun, most loving, and most generous friend and I feel very blessed to have her in my life."

Of course. It makes perfect sense now that I look at it.

Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram