'Now! That's What I Call Music Classics' Exists, So Yep! You're Old — PHOTO

In case you were just feeling too young and chipper and were thinking, "damn, I'd really like to feel old now. I'd like my formative years to be very, very distant," then here you go, my friend. You're about to feel old. Or maybe "nostalgic" is the better word. Redditor JackTheBeanStalk shared a picture of Now! That's What I Call Music Classics Volume 1. "Classics," you guys. Now! Music Classics. While its more appropriate title might be Then! That's What I Called Music, the compilation CD demonstrates that both you and the Now! collection have been around long enough to circle back to the beginning.

To be fair, Now Classics probably consists of some of the best, most nostalgia-worthy pop singles from the late '90s and early '00s; the original discs were always a mix of cringe worthy songs, red hot singles, and wild cards, so selecting some of the oldies but goodies is a fair way to reminisce the golden days of pop, or The Max Martin Era.

But Now was never exactly... present. The singles on the collections were usually about six months old. So true to its never-quite-with-the-times tradition, Now Classics is available on the very archaic CD, which is probably just to reinforce how old you are. C'mon. Kids who are totally "now" are accustomed to iTunes! BRB — grabbing my dentures.

And remember: we live in a time where "Mmmbop" is considered a classic.

1. "Mmm Bop" — Hanson 2. "Baby One More Time" — Britney Spears 3. "American Woman" — Lenny Kravitz 4. "Larger Than Life" — Backstreet Boys 5. "Kryptonite" — 3 Doors Down 6. "It Wasn't Me" — Shaggy 7. "Hanging By A Moment" — Lifehouse 8. "Stutter" — Joe Featuring Mystikal 9. "I Wish You Were Here" — Incubus 10. "How You Remind Me" — Nickelback 11. "Don't Know Why" — Norah Jones 12. "Jenny From The Block" — J-Lo 13. "If You're Not The One" — Daniel Bedingfield 14. "Stacy's Mom" — Fountain's Of Wayne 15. "First Cut Is The Deepest" — Sheryl Crow

Images: Reddit; Walmart