"Bang Bang" Will Happen At The VMAs

MTV is pulling out all of the stops year, as the network just announced that Jessie J. has been added to the roster of the performers for the Video Music Awards, which means one thing and one thing only: Jessie J., Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande will be performing "Bang Bang" at the VMAs. Yes, the crazy awesome song of the summer (sorry, "Fancy," but ahem, you already know... I like this jam more) will happen live, on stage, and you can do your own choreography in the comfort of your living room as you watch it. This is the "Lady Marmalade" of 2014, y'all.

MTV has also mentioned that this the first live performance of the song ever, so that means you can watch "Bang Bang" history be made. Afterwards, you can watch the premiere of the music video at bangbang.mtv.com, and then you can play the game that I like to play called "how does the actual choreography match the dancing I do when I'm alone in my room or under the influence of a little bit of vino?"

Anyhow, this is further proof that the VMAs is going to be a must-watch this year, and dare I say it, it seems like this is the year of girl power (and yeah, I'm aware that that's something only someone who grew up in the '90s would say). But seriously — with these three women joining forces to sing the summer's pro-female sexuality anthem and Beyonce receiving a major honorary award? That's some pretty awesome stuff right there. Clear your living room floor — you will want to bust out your best "empowered and fierce lady" moves.

Image: iTunes