The End Definitely Sounds Near

Something must be in the water in La La Land. On the heels of the Jay Z and Beyonce divorce rumors that are running rampant on a daily basis, we're hearing that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey may not make it either. Talk of an impending divorce for the couple has been circulating for a few months now, but speculation reached fever pitch recently when it was reported that Carey thinks Cannon cheated on her, and hired a bodyguard to keep an eye on him during a Vegas appearance. Sounds like a couple who's ready for divorce to me.

According to Page Six, Carey wanted someone to watch over Cannon earlier on this year when he was hosting pool parties in Las Vegas. A source said, "The security guard wasn’t there to keep the girls away from him. It was to keep him away from the girls." Reportedly, Carey also didn't want her husband drinking while he was in Sin City, as he "gets into trouble when he drinks."

It would, of course, be sad to see this couple, who has two adorable children, call it quits, but it likely wouldn't be the shock of the century. Carey and Cannon had many people scratching their heads when they got together years ago. The confusion was mainly due to their 12-year age difference, but also because of the fact that Carey was a massive star while Cannon was just getting started in his career. Then there was the whole "Mariah's been married before" thing. And, finally, I think we all were a little skeptical when the couple married so quickly after meeting.

There's nothing wrong with May-December romances, but when you've got a list of other things that don't quite make sense, it's rare that they have a happy ending.

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