'Pitch Perfect' Cast Does Ice Bucket Challenge

If you're looking for someone to blame today for draining California's frighteningly dwindling water supply, the cast of Pitch Perfect 2 has you covered. Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks, Skylar Astin, and Pitch Perfect newbie Hailee Steinfeld all partook in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — separately, but all equally cutely.

To be fair to the drought, Kendrick does reference California's water problem in the video, saying that she skipped a shower that day to complete the challenge. We have no way of confirming that, but I'm kind of OK with not having a deep knowledge of celebrity shower habits? You do you, Anna Kendrick — and good job on pointing out that this is a thoroughly weirdly-timed trend to be going around when California's about to not have water anymore.

It seems at this point that half the celebrities in all the land have taken part in dumping cold water on their heads in the past few weeks, so it's hardly a shock when another one pops up. But the Pitch Perfect 2 cast has proven time and time again that they'll take any opportunity to do things in solidarity, so this practically feels made for them. And they're pretty cute about it, too.



Her video's.... weirdly repetitive?