Nicki Minaj Was Drunk During "Anaconda," Which Adds Up Nicely — VIDEO

This explains everything or, at least, the fruit on the record player. In this behind the scenes video, Nicki Minaj admits to being drunk on the "Anaconda" set and we really should've expected that considering all of that Myx product placement in the video. Minaj released the new "Anaconda" video featuring the now-infamously uncomfortable Drake lap dance on Aug. 19 and now I totally get why he didn't know how to react to Minaj shaking her assets all over him. Maybe Drake was drunk, too?

Fittingly, the behind the scenes video opens with an ad for Minaj's Myx Moscato, which is apparently really good because she drank plenty of it while making the video. The BTS footage, like the music video shoot it came from, has a lot of butt-shaking action. So much so that, at one point, Minaj herself is amazed while watching the playback of its opening scenes. Even she's amazed by the capabilities of her own behind, I guess. And towards the end of the video, we see a drunk Minaj speaking with an accent and when her friend suggests she be cut off before she gets drunk, she responds by saying she's already drunk. Watch the video here:

Nicki Minaj on YouTube

First, I just want to say that I want to party with Nicki Minaj and second, we totally should've known she was sipping on that moscato while shooting this video. In these 5 times, the "Anaconda" video itself was so drunk:

These Totally Drunk Bananas

You're actually so drunk that you're going for a ride on the turntable. Someone should've cut these two off awhile ago.

This Totally Drunk Drink

This drink is spilling all over itself. #PartyFoul

This Totally Drunk Underwear

Apparently, this totally blacked-out underwear got lost on its way home and ended up 100 miles North of where it needed to be.

This Totally Drunk Kitchen Counter

"Why is everything spinning? Oh, wait... I'm the one who's spinning. Why am I doing that?"

This Totally Drunk Drake

He can't remember how much he drank, but he doesn't remember leaving the video shoot and going to a strip club.

Watch the full "Anaconda" video here:

NickiMinajAtVEVO on YouTube

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