His New Superman Costume Is... Colorful

It's a bird, it's a plane... No, it's a super-strong Henry Cavill in the new and improved Superman costume. Fans who loathed the washed-out filters of Man of Steel will be elated, because these Superman duds are in the classic primary colors. In fact, Cavill finally resembles past Supermen in this stretchy colorful number, probably landing closest to Dean Cain's duds — if you remove the red briefs and add the still-inexplicable fish-scale texturing. Fans will also note that this early set photo for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice features Cavill's hair slicked back in the classic Dean Cain style, making the influence unmistakable.

But regardless of the costume's heritage, it's heartening to see some color back in Clark Kent's wardrobe. Man of Steel taught viewers that only three colors exist in Kent's world: black, grey, and overdone sepia. Any attempt at bold color was completely forgone for the Christopher Nolan Instagram filter treatment, which has many fans of color and Superman flummoxed. And the recently released image of Wonder Woman did nothing to abate our fears that all Justice League costumes would now be in monochrome. With this image, we can see that the original costumes for Dawn of Justice have color in them, but post-production will probably still sweep it all away. If only we could reclaim the days of tight cotton, hair gel, and poorly-cut capes.