How to Watch The 2014 VMAs Online & On Demand Because You Know Beyonce's Performance Is Going To Be Insane

Any pop culture aficionados know that watching MTV's Video Music Awards is an absolute must. They're the summer's big finale, after all. Seriously, for a fan of entertainment, they represent the end of the most barren time of the year, where celebrities spend months at a time yachting in Ibiza or filming the movies that will later become Oscar contenders. The VMAs are like the first day back at school: half the attendees have an album or a single dropping the next day, and the rest are there to present in order to remind you to tune in for a new season of their TV show or to show off how ripped they got for a new movie coming out in a month or two.

And the VMAs are the kickoff to awards season, so everything and everyone who wins still feels surprising and new. Plus, the VMAs aren't too serious, so people pull crazy stunts. They're the home of surprise same-sex kisses and controversial twerking. They're simultaneously much classier (high caliber performances, great editing) and way trashier (aforementioned crazy stunts) than the Grammys, their boring older cousin.

Seriously, a good dozen artists are performing new music live, or are up for a big prize. And it's the home of crazy mashups. You really think Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J are all going on tour together? This is your best chance to see them do "Bang Bang" together onstage.

If all that didn't convince you that the VMAs are a must-see, here's my closing argument: Beyoncé's going to be there. And not via low-quality video feed — this is a real deal live performance. You can't miss it, even if your TV is chained up on Sunday night or you've yet to invest in a DVR. So, how do you make absolutely sure you don't miss it? Well, read on.

1. Woohoo! MTV's Online Stream

If you don't mind watching the show from backstage, use the MTV VMAs All Access Live feed, which goes live on Saturday with all sorts of tidbits and behind the scenes footage. Not only can you see the entire red carpet pre show, you can go between a bunch of different feeds to see what's going on in the press room, green room, the view from just offstage, and more.

You can watch on your computer or with your tablet/phone if you have the MTV app.

2. On MTV Over and Over and Over Again

Out late on a Sunday night for some reason? Well, when you get home, no need to worry about missing out on what everyone's talking about on Monday when you can simply watch one of the repeat airings. MTV will replay the awards again at 11:30 p.m. (if the show ends on time, of course), then again at 1:40 a.m. and one last time at 3:50 a.m.

3. On Monday Morning… Sort Of

Look, if you absolutely can't spare a few hours to watch Nicki Minaj, Drake, Taylor Swift, and the rest of music's biggest stars, at least know that you'll be covered because MTV will post all of the best moments on their website by Monday.

4. On In Full

They haven't announced when exactly, but MTV should be posting the show online in full at some point. They have both this year's movie awards and last year's VMAs up on demand on their site, so don't worry, you won't be stuck with just clips forever.

5. Screw It, Just Read Twitter

With so many fans on social media, every key moment is sure to be Tweeted, Instagrammed, Vine'd, Pinstrested… people will be talking about it, so if you're stranded without anything more than a smartphone and a weak 3G connection, you can still stay totally informed on exactly what's going on.

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