Bill Murray Gets His Own Dedicated Day Because the World Finally Recognizes His Brilliance

FINALLY, someone had the wherewithal to recognize the greatness that is Bill Murray with an official holiday... of sorts. To be honest though, it wasn't like he hasn't been celebrated in our hearts for years. But still, it's nice to see Bill Murray getting some public appreciation for being the funniest human to ever exist. Oh yeah, I went there. Because he is. As usual, we have our lovely neighbors Canada to thank for their initiative, because I didn't see anyone around here waving a flag with Murray's beautiful face on it.

The hallowed event is set to take place on September 5th, so get your Ghostbusters suited dry cleaned in accordance. To be fair, the dedicated day isn't just for fun, it's set to be celebrated, fittingly, at the Toronto Film Festival. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The festival will pay tribute to Bill Murray by screening several of his films, including the world premiere of his new comedy, St. Vincent." I sincerely hope for his sake the screening of Groundhog's Day isn't too nauseating for him because of the endless, relentless amount of references to it in the span of his lengthy career. Besides, it's totally too ironic. There's so many other films I'm sure the attendees and the man of the hour would love to see in addition to Stripes and Ghostbusters, like Caddyshack, Lost in Translation, The Royal Tenenbaums and Zombieland. Because Zombieland was freakin' great, okay?

Here's to you, Bill. Enjoy your special day.