'Originals' Season 2 'TVD' Crossover Theory: Aunt Jenna Could Return... With Esther Mikaelson's Help

She's baaaack and there's going to be hell to pay in New Orleans — literally. Because she's going to raise it. When Esther Mikaelson returned during The Originals finale, everyone knew that it definitely wasn't good news. Why? Well, Esther isn't exactly Mother of Year and now that she plans to make the Big Easy her stomping grounds on The Originals Season 2, we should all be worried for our favorite Original vampires. With Julie Plec confirming the Vampire Diaries and Originals crossover at the beginning of the season, I immediately thought that Esther would bring back Damon and Bonnie — for a price — but what if she brought back other ghosts too? Like Aunt Jenna, for instance?

During San Diego Comic-Con 2014 — before Julie Plec confirmed the Originals and TVD crossover, mind you — the Originals cast spoke with TVLine about what fans can expect from Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries spin-off series. We got romantic updates for all of the series' major 'ships (duh), but also something even better. The entire cast agreed that they'd want to see TVD 's dearly departed Aunt Jenna return for a crossover cameo on their show. That can't be a coincidence, right? I'm going with "no" because it's also entirely possible.

There are plenty of TVD characters that fans want to see back from the dead starting, obviously, with TVD Season 5's major causalities Damon and Bonnie. And it's a perfectly feasible theory to say that Esther Mikaelson, being the Original Witch and all, could possess the power to bring them back from wherever they got zapped to during the season finale. But we also have to consider the fact that Esther's returned with the intent of making her children's lives miserable — she wants to finish off her vampire offspring once and for all. And, considering the fact that Esther wants to kill her children (which is totally batshit already) I think it's safe to assume that she's not going to do it quickly and painlessly.

That's where Aunt Jenna comes in. Klaus left an impressive body count in his wake, both human and supernatural, that includes Elena Gilbert's last, remaining blood relative. In case you've forgotten: Jenna was turned into a vampire and then lured out by Katherine so Klaus could use her in a failed sacrifice to break the hybrid curse. So, she's probably got a bone to pick with the former king vampire of New Orleans. And Julie Plec did well to remind the Originals cast of this, when Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan both agreed that they'd want Aunt Jenna to turn up on Season 2 of the series.

And that should get all of us fans thinking, now that we've got two witches capable of raising the dead who both want Klaus to suffer — Esther and Davina. What if Esther or Davina with Mikael's guidance raised Aunt Jenna, Kol Mikaelson, and even Katherine Pierce from the dead to torture and torment Klaus, slowly and painfully. I mean, all three of them have a bone to pick with the Original Hybrid and Esther seems like she'd be a fan of psychological warfare, considering how she's basically manipulated her other son Finn into being a martyr for her so he could take all of his other siblings out too.

We're all gunning for the witches in New Orleans, particularly Esther, to be the answer to the Damon and Bonnie problem, which will obviously be a central focus of TVD's Season 6. But what if the crossover will lean more towards the developing conflict on The Originals and, in turn, feature familiar faces that fans really haven't seen in awhile?

Also, it's been a long time since Aunt Jenna died — there's no freaking way Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan both thought of her on the fly in that TVLine interview unless her character was on the table for a crossover. Right?

Images: Bob Mahoney/CW; Quantrell D. Colbert/CW