Are We Really Blaming a Kardashian For This?

As a Beyoncé and Jay Z fan, I want to take a moment to light a prayer candle for all those out there who were rooting for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's relationship. Much like Bey and Jay, rumors of martial troubles and an impending divorce for Carey and Cannon are starting to crop up all over the place, some reasonable and some insane. This one falls firmly on the insane side of things. According to new information obtained by TMZ, Carey and Cannon's divorce is Kim Kardashian's fault. No, really. She was the match that set the powder keg of their relationship on fire and she didn't even actually have to do anything.

Cannon's interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood in March 2014 made us all uncomfortable, but apparently it made Carey "insane". Even though Cannon later claimed on Howard Stern that Carey had no idea who Kim Kardashian even is, TMZ's sources report that the fact that Cannon admitted to sleeping with her was what really set Carey off. She "tore into Nick for weeks ... feeling humiliated and the relationship never recovered". So, which is it? Did Carey harass Cannon for weeks for sleeping with Kardashian or does she have no idea who Kardashian is? Or did she have no idea until her husband confessed to sleeping with her, after which she used Google like a normal person and then proceeded to go "crazy" on him?

I'm going to go with none of the above. This story sounds like another attempt to sensationalize an imagined feud between two female celebrities who have no real reason to be at war with one another. You're telling me that of the five names Cannon listed as past conquests of his, it was Kardashian's name that set Carey off? Kardashian, who happens to be the most famous of the women on the list? Yeah, I don't think so. If Cannon and Carey are really having marital problems, then Kardashian is highly unlikely to be the source or the catalyst.

The fact that Cannon openly spoke about his sex life, past and present, without clearing it with Carey first is more likely to be a logical reason why the two might have started having trouble. To be fair, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey don't make sense as a couple to me anyway, but dragging Kardashian's name into this is completely unfair to all involved. Between the rumors that Carey hired a security guard to keep women away from Cannon to this new rumor that Carey didn't take his previous hook up with Kardashian very well, it seems that the divorce rumors are doing their best to paint Carey as hysterical and irrational. That, to me, seems like a more interesting story than anything that links Kardashian to Carey and Cannon's marital problems.

Image: Rebloggy