'It's Always Sunny' Season 10 Guest Stars Vs. 5 People Who Were Mercilessly Left Off That List

The gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is coming back with a vengeance for Season 10 in January, and has also been picked up for two more seasons. So now that we know the gang's future on television is secure, it's time to focus our attention elsewhere. Namely on whether or not we'll be seeing more incredible guest stars on It's Always Sunny, as we've come to expect from the series' nine incredible years.

But first, some disappointment. In Glen Howerton's Reddit AMA, we learned that Aaron Paul was supposed to guest on It's Always Sunny. Howerton said Paul is not only a friend, but a fan of the show, so the guys wrote Paul a role, but he was too busy shooting Need For Speed to take on the project. So close!

And while we can all dream about the brilliance of what could have been, it's time to look forward and see who else could be stopping by Paddy's Pub on Season 10. So far, we know that baseball great Wade Boggs will guest star on an episode of the show, according to an exclusive from Yahoo TV. The gang will attempt to break Boggs' record of drinking 64 beers on one cross-country flight. Hilarity will ensue.

But with so little to go on, I'm forced to use my imagination to determine what other celebrities should hang out with the gang in Philly. You know, besides the always necessary dash of a little McPoyle.

These five celebrities should really make appearances on the hit FXX show, the show that's basically (guest) jobland where (guest) jobs grow on jobbies:

1. Ike Barinholtz

This needs to happen immediately. Not only are Howerton and Barinholtz buddies from Howerton's time on The Mindy Project, Barinholtz is also a comedy genius as he has proved with his character Morgan Tookers and his guest-star work on another FXX comedy, The League. But seriously, could you imagine Morgan hanging out with the gang? Pure comedy gold.

2. Aziz Ansari

This man should be in everything. Can you even imagine the ridiculous things the gang could come up for the show if Ansari guest-starred? Go ahead. Treat yo self, It's Always Sunny.

3. Rainn Wilson

A third, long-lost McPoyle. That's all I'm saying.

4. Megan Mullally

Because she's brilliant in everything. I can only dream of how amazing it would be to see Dennis taken down by a woman much creepier than himself. Bring Tammy Two to Paddy's Pub!

5. Oprah

Why not? Josh Groban has guest starred as himself. What if the gang crashes an event she's at just so they can meet her? Is this reaching too high? Maybe, but it would be incredible.

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