Miley Cyrus Says She's Done Twerking, and 10 Other Great Quotes From the MTV VMAs

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There are so many things about the MTV Video Music Awards that make them memorable. Between the performances (no one will ever forget Miley's Twerkgate 2013) and the outfits (ahem, Lady Gaga's meat dress), it's always a night to remember. But something beyond the songs and the fashion that keeps us tuned in? The quotes. Whether they're accepting awards or presenting them, celebrities say the darndest things during the event-filled awards show. (Don't act like you still don't throw Kanye's "Imma let you finish, but..." quote into casual conversation. It's a VMA classic!)

Sure, sometimes they may fumble over their words or take jokes too far, but here's a list of celebrities who got it right on Sunday night. From Miley Cyrus to Jay Z, let's take a look at the best quotes from 2014's show... before I let you finish.

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