Mariah Carey's Lyrics Prove She'll Be Just Fine

It's not a good time to be in a celebrity marriage. Not only is the rumor mill running overtime about the dissolution of Jay-Z and Beyonce's marriage, but now rumors about a possible Nick Cannon-Mariah Carey divorce are circulating too. Their quickie May-December marriage may seem a little odd to some, but the couple have two kids. If this divorce is a reality, it's not good news for anyone.

But even if their marriage is headed for heartbreak, we know queen diva Mariah Carey will be just fine. OK, it's not like we know know, but just take a look at some of the lyrics from her back catalog. Sure, the majority of Mariah Carey's lyrics sounds ripped from the pages of a 13-year-old-girl's diary: wild horses and butterflies and rainbows and glitter and boyfriends. But that's not all Mariah Carey is. Some of her best songs are about moving past bad relationships, being confident, and relying on herself. So here are the Mariah Carey songs that let us know she'll be okay — let's hope that even if she suffers a heartbreak, she can take her own advice. (Sorry, this does disqualify "Fantasy," far and away the best Mariah Carey song ever released).


"But when you're down/ In your time of need/ And you're thinking/ That you might be coming back to own me/ Just think again/ 'Cause I won't need your love anymore"

A 1990 Paula Abdul-esque gem from Mariah Carey's early days, and one of her sassiest songs yet. Oh, you think you're gonna leave Mariah Carey, Miss Glitter Diva Supreme? Boy, are you gonna be sorry...


"So when you feel like hope is gone/ Look inside you and be strong/ And you'll finally see the truth/ That a hero lies in you"

A classic song and the ultimate message: you don't need anybody else, because you can be your own hero. Preach, girl!


"You used to be Mr. all about we/ Now you're just thirsty for celebrity/ Best thing to happened to your ass was me/ Pull down them Tom Fords, and act like you see"

Mariah Carey has always been more famous than hubby Nick Cannon. Could this song from their new album be a hint at their relationship problems? Either way, seems like Mariah Carey knows just how strong she is.

"Shake it Off"

"I gotta shake it off/ Gotta make that move/ Find somebody who/ Appreciates all the love I give/ Boy I gotta shake it off/ Gotta do what's best for me/ Baby and that means I gotta/ shake it off"

The perfect post-breakup sentiment. If somebody isn't treating you right, do what's best for yourself. Good advice for anyone, and hopefully Mariah Carey will take her own advice if she ends up needing it.