Their Cutest Moments Will Make Your Day

by Arielle Dachille

There are some couples that are just too adorable and perfect to be embittered by. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are the perfect example of this. They're like a bunny eating a hot fudge sundae, with Sanrio character sprinkles scattered throughout. Even if in you're ready to write the world off as a living hell that kills all love, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's cutest moments will give you hope. See? There is life after the Joult breakup!

Stone and Garfield met at a screen test for The Amazing Spiderman in 2010, but didn't go public with their relationship until 2011. Since then, they've apparently been suspended in perpetual puppy love euphoria. Beyond that, the Spiderman costars appear to genuinely enjoy each other as human beings. But really, it seems like it would be pretty tough not to enjoy hanging out with either one of them.

Stone is a hilarious, beautiful, and brash vault of wisdom, not to mention an expert wearer of crop tops. Garfield is sensitive, introspective, doesn't take himself too seriously, and is a general babe on all counts. Even if the story of this pair allegedly shopping for wedding rings was just a rumor, it was a moment of collective wishful thinking brought on by two people who are impossible not to enjoy. Let's keep the positivity going, kids. Because we can never have enough Emma and Andrew in our lives, here are all of their most "D'awww"-inducing moments.

The time they rode bikes together

Wanna rent a tandem next time, guys? Please rent a tandem...

The time they got ice cream cones with baby Spiderman

Gang's all here!

The time she pretended to eat his face

Mmmmm... Boyfriend!

The time they recreated Edvard Munch's The Scream

They do silly modern art allusions so well.

The time she got his nose on the red carpet, and then they shared a loving embrace

Loving mischief always deserves a hug.

The time he turned the tables on her and got her nose

Sweet revenge!!

The other time when he got her nose again

Or maybe he's just brushing off an eyelash.

The time(s) they were in character as Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker

They're acting, but they're not acting!!

The time their emotions mirrored each other perfectly

Two halves of the same whole, this pair.

The time they made out on a beach

Apparently, stuff like this doesn't just happen in movies.

Go forth into the world with new faith in freedom, beauty, truth, and love. Long live Stone-Field!