Netflix's Oculus Rift Will Allow You to Be Up Close & Personal with Frank Underwood — VIDEO

If you've ever wondered what it's like to get a virtual trip inside your favorite Netflix shows with a 3D panoramic view, then wonder no more . . . sort of. Thanks to the exponentially developing nature of technology, you might be able to do so in the near future. At Netflix's Hack Day, Variety got a look into the "Oculix," which situates the viewer in a 3D virtual room while wearing the Oculus Rift — a headset that fully immerses you in what you're watching. When you turn your head, the room shifts accordingly, which can be a pretty incredible experience if you're into virtual reality and immersion technology. It also sounds like the perfect set-up for a horror movie. Help! I'm trapped in Frank Underwood's office and can't get out!

But what this really demonstrates is that Netflix is gearing up to be more than just your favorite binge-watching facilitator. Netflix is involved in more than just accumulating all of your favorite titles and creating your favorite new shows — it's seriously immersed in the world of advancing technology. That said, while the Oculix may or may not be a fully successful venture, it proves that Netflix is not halting their progress, and if the Oculus Rift does become a more popularized mechanism for watching television, then you know which streaming service will attempt to employ it.

That said, it still could be awhile til the "Oculix" is readily available; the Oculus Rift itself is still just gaining traction and popularity.

But assuming the "Oculix" did become something that people utilized regularly . . . how would you feel binge-watching Orange Is the New Black in a simulated, virtual reality Litchfield? Would you binge watch it at all if it meant having something strapped to your head for 13 hours straight? (Thought: It might be tough to eat snacks if you binge-watch this way). And how would you feel if you walked out of your bedroom and found your roommate, curled up in a ball with an Oculus Rift strapped to her head? Just an image for ya.

You can see a video preview of the Oculix below, and then you can imagine what it would be like to actually sit in Frank Underwood's presidential office. (Shudders.)

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Image: Netflix