VMA Seating Charts Raise a Number of Questions, So Let’s Try to Figure This Out — PHOTOS

In case you missed the memo, the MTV Video Music Awards air on Sunday. If there's any award show to get excited about, it's definitely this one. From twerking escapades to interrupted acceptance speeches, there are always so many ups and downs. It's kind of like high school, right? OK, not quite... But this is a fitting analogy, because remember when Cady Heron first arrived at North Shore High School and was handed a cafeteria map from Janice and Damien? (Yes, I'm referencing Mean Girls.) Janice says, "Where you sit in the cafeteria is crucial because you got everybody there." That same theory applies to award shows too. The seating is everything. (Ahh, see the connection now?) Luckily, Hollywood Life got an "exclusive look" at the 2014 VMAs seating chart and tweeted photos all afternoon.

Taking this new information about who's sitting where, let's imagine just what these celeb conversations will be like. Because honestly, how much do Sam Smith and Chris Brown have in common? Smith seems like such a gentleman, and Brown... not so much. Also worth noting, there is no Jay Z photo near Beyoncé's seat. Why is that, and why isn't she seated by Kelly Rowland or Michelle Williams? These are very important questions, you guys.

Miley, Nicki, & Katy

Welp, I don't know who thought this arrangement was a good one. Remember that time Katy Perry didn't like the taste of Miley's cherry chapstick? Yup, they kissed and Katy seemed disgusted. Oh, and Nicki Minaj recently mocked Miley's photoshopped "Hannah-conda" Instagram. Wondering what Miley's thinking in this photo? She's probs singing Taylor Swift's new song, specifically, the "haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate" chorus.

T Swift & Gwen Stefani

There's no doubt these two can find stuff to chat about, especially since Taylor Swift is now a pop singer. Gwen can give her tons of advice, since she made a similar transition from rock to pop. Afterwards, Tay can recruit her for her ever-growing group of BFFs. They'll take selfies and dance the night away.

Destiny's Child (Without Beyoncé)

Wait, why aren't they seated by Beyoncé? We can't get a Destiny's Child reunion when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are stranded over by Austin Mahone. This just does not make sense logistically. Don't even get me started on the fact that there is no placeholder for Jay Z by Bey. Is somebody showing that she's an independent woman?

5SOS & Fifth Harmony

Wow, they both have the number five in their names, so that's an automatic way to bond. Plus, they're both up-and-coming groups who could wind up being huge. No drama here, just a precious pairing. Best friends 5ever!

Chris Brown & Sam Smith

This doesn't make sense. Sam Smith's songs are just so soulful and sweet. Meanwhile, Chris Brown is basically the worst and not respectful towards women. The only good thing that can come from this is Brown learning a thing or two from Smith about how to win over women the right way.

Lorde & Demi

Since Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are allegedly no longer friends, it makes sense that these two could be BFFs. After all, they're both great role models, who are always super honest with their fans. This could be a fine friendship.

Alright, these convos may not actually occur. But we'll just have to tune in Sunday to see what happens!

Images: Getty Images