Zach's Best 'Big Brother' Quotes Are the Perfect Way to Say Goodbye

One of the most colorful characters on this season of Big Brother is Zach Rance. The unemployed Florida native might actually be one of the most memorable houseguests in the show's history. Aside from giving a lot of watchers major Will Kirby vibes, Zach won America's heart with his bromance/showmance with Frankie. Even though Zankie is over, the relationship still showed Zach's softer side after entering the house with a faux-tough exterior.

Sadly, Zach is almost definitely going home tonight after being betrayed by the one person we all hoped would stick by his side. Before Zach departs for good, let's remember him through his Rance-iest verbal masterpieces, in no particular order.

"Five people that annoy me: People that talk, people that eat, people that sleep, people that breathe, people that live."

These were among the first words we heard out of Zach's mouth, and they definitely made an impression. His hate for all mankind coupled with his baby face made him one to watch immediately.

"Christine, if we pulled out the Big Brother dictionary and we looked up the word 'floater,' it would be a picture of you and Jenn City, holding hands, never being called to the Diary Room. Basically . . . irrelevant."

Just one of many gems from his intensely rehearsed nomination ceremony speech. BURN.

"Your decision is crucial/The wrong choice may cost ya/So when you walk into that Diary Room/Please vote to evict Jocasta"

Writing couplets is one thing, but tackling a rhyme with "Jocasta" is some next-level business.

"Let's have a cookie party."

Always yes.

"I truly feel that [Frankie] is my boyfriend."

Talk about being comfortable with your sexuality.

"I'm the biggest asshole jerk on planet Earth, and I'm going to have bitches lined up."

Zach has big plans for when he leaves the house. Prepare ye, bitches.

"What are the chances, one to 10, that you and I go on a date after this?"

Zach said this to Victoria, who then asked what the chances were of him apologizing to her parents for all the things he's said about her. He replied . . .

"So, zero."

Badum chhhh.

"Someone's going to hate me and that makes me very happy."

Zach in a nutshell.

"Ya Fruit Loop Dingus."

Not only will this quote certainly live on in the aforementioned Big Brother dictionary, but it has already ended up in the Urban Dictionary. Bravo, Zach.

Image: CBS