'Big Brother's Zach & Donny Could Help Save Each Other If They Make Zonny Happen

What can I say about Donny? On Wednesday’s Big Brother episode, Zingbot told Donny his social game sucked, but I am thinking that Donny’s strategy all along was to lay low and then attack when he needed to. During the past week in the Big Brother house, fan favorites Donny and Zach have bonded over the house wanting to evict them, but then the friendship blossomed from there. Unfortunately, it might be too little, too late for Zonny to really make an impact on the game.

When Donny and Christine won Battle of the Block (but technically Donny won it) Donny immediately turned to Zach and started whispering in his ear about how Zach needs to watch out because the rest of the house is going to come after him. Donny and Zach realized they needed to win the veto to ensure that they would be safe for the week, and then all of a sudden, the two of them had each other’s backs. It was a beautiful meeting of the two, and it's really tragic that they didn’t come together sooner to form an alliance. With Zach on the way out the door this week, Donny is causing as much paranoia as possible with the other houseguests, as he knows he will be the target next week (as usual), unless he wins Head of Household.

And even though it seems like it might be the end of (what could have been) Zonny, there are still a few things the two can do to try and save Zach from eviction.

Donny can convince Frankie that Zach actually is loyal to him

For some reason, Frankie is under the impression that Zach is the worst thing that has ever happened to his game, but all I am seeing is that Frankie has been in immediate danger like one time during the entire season, and that was mostly his doing. If Donny can get to Frankie before Thursday’s live show and prove to him that Zach has no plans to betray him, then maybe Frankie can call off the guards and save Zach (then again, that would mean losing Cody).

Zach could talk Victoria into saving him for an alliance with Zonny

Victoria really has no one in this game. She is playing by herself, and is being saved because the rest of the houseguests think that they can win against her and in Derrick's case, control her vote. While that works for Victoria to win second place (if she gets that far), she should also have people in the house that are loyal to her. Because Zach and Donny are also alone in the game at this point, it would only help Victoria to join forces with them to ensure she has some votes if she is put on the block.

Donny can make a promise to Caleb for safety

Donny’s main target in the house is Derrick. Donny notices how Derrick has been controlling the entire house and has even told houseguests that if he gets to the end, Derrick will win over anyone. Because Derrick and Caleb can’t both win, Donny could try and convince Caleb that he needs to weaken Derrick by evicting his closest ally in the house, Cody, to assure his safety for another week.

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