Is This It?

By Kaitlin Reilly

If you've seen all the promos for the Pretty Little Liars #fAtalfinale, you're probably on edge about which PLL character will die by the end of the episode. This wouldn't be the first time that Pretty Little Liars came to a deadly conclusion — after all, the Season 4 finale ended with Mrs. DiLaurentis meeting a very similar fate to that of Bethany Young, the girl who took Ali's place in that grave two years ago. Typically major deaths on Pretty Little Liars are reserved for season finales, which has made many fans question whether the upcoming finale is the end of Season 5. Don't worry, guys: There's plenty more Season 5 coming your way. You'll just have to wait a while. (Sorry!)

Pretty Little Liars — as well as most ABC Family dramas — typically separates their seasons into two parts. That means that, each year, we get not one but two finales, a winter and summer one. Season 5A, which began early this past June, will conclude with the episode "Taking This One To the Grave," aka the #fAtalefinale. If PLL follows the pattern it has for the past four seasons, Pretty Little Liars won't resume Season 5B until January 2015. (Sob!) The show will then air the remaining 13 episodes, culminating in the Season 5B finale. After that, you'll have to wait... again... for more PLL.

But before you start freaking out about Pretty Little Liars leaving you for a few months, there is some good news. This year we'll be treated to a PLL Christmas episode, a brand new special that will replace the show's usual Halloween episode. (It's about time that PLL acknowledged that winter in Pennsylvania is a thing.) That will air sometime in December of 2014, along with several other brand new Christmas episodes of ABC Family shows.

As awesome as the Christmas episode sounds, it does sort of suck that we'll have to wait until December for some new Pretty Little Liars action. Apparently ABC Family agrees, which is why they decided to air a "fan appreciation" episode during their annual 13 Nights of Halloween block. Fans can send in questions to the show's Facebook and Twitter page for the little liars to potentially answer on the show. (Sorry, but "Who is A?" is definitely not something they'll be willing to answer.)

If that's not enough to satisfy your PLL obsession, know that PLL's departure won't be for very long. PLL is sticking around for quite some time. ABC Family has renewed Pretty Little Liars for Season 6 and a Season 7, which means that you can expect to watch PLL for at least two more years. The #fAtalefinale may be it for now, but you'll certainly have plenty of hours of PLL to watch in the future. I, for one, can't wait.

Images: ABC Family; Giphy