Seattle Has A "Weed Bus Club," And Yeah, It's A Marijuana Party Bus

When they write the history of Seattle, let the city be remembered for two things: the birth of Starbucks and the invention of the Weed Bus Club, Seattle's very own marijuana party bus. This summer, the Weed Bus has been making the rounds and turning heads, and is a testament to just how far we've come in terms of the legalization of marijuana. Take a deep breath, folks, and read on.

The Weed Bus is exactly what it sounds like — a bus where you smoke weed. The bus serves both a logistical and an entertaining purpose — on the one hand, the Weed Bus takes care of the "renter's paradox," the thorn in every Seattle marijuana-user's side. Although the city has legalized weed, there are still strict limitations on where you can enjoy your cannabis.

For example, while smoking in the privacy of your privately-owned home is perfectly chill, smoking "in view of the general public" is an absolute no-no. What's more, unless your landlord is the coolest landlord on the planet and explicitly allows the usage of marijuana on premises, Seattle residents who are renting their homes will be without a safe place to smoke.

Considering that in 2012, a solid 36 percent of Seattle's residents did not own their living quarters, this renter's paradox leaves a large portion of the population without a weed haven.

But all that changes with the Weed Bus, which for the bargain price of $25 per hour, allows riders a comfortable place to light up, all while taking in the many sights and sounds of Seattle. Marijuana users, who have always been experts at finding loopholes, realized that while it is generally illegal to use substances (think alcohol, weed, etc.) in a vehicle, the rules bend a bit if there is a partition separating the driver from the passengers.

Driver roll up the partition, please.

The same rule allows limousines to serve alcohol in the back of the vehicle, and the geniuses of Weed Bus decided to apply the theory to marijuana, thus far, without any legal repercussions. As a Seattle Police Department spokesperson told Capitol Hill Seattle, "As long as the driver is sober and there is a divider between the driver and the 'hot-boxed' bus," everything is peachy.

However, according to NBC King 5, a local Seattle news station, "There is no divider separating the driver from the rows of smoke-filled fun." And while William Prigmore, the club's owner and operator, told King 5, "Most of the time when they're smoking on the bus, we don't have drivers in there," there remains some concern about the residual effects the weed might have once the drivers return to their posts. Also, "most of the time" sounds just a little bit shady.

David Ryder/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Regardless, Seattle law enforcement really aren't too worried about the inevitable emergence of marijuana. In fact, the department called it its "lowest priority" when speaking to the news station. And this is all good and well for potential passengers of the Weed Bus, who seem to be enamored of the concept. After all, who doesn't want to roll around town in a psychedelically painted bus smoking marijuana all day?

The Weed Bus Club is actually comprised of two buses, which will soon embark upon regular routes between legal marijuana stores and major tourist attractions, like Pike Place. Because what better ending to your ride on a hot-boxed bus than a trip to an enormous market where you can satisfy your munchies to your heart's content?

Theo Stroomer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Of course, the bus will also be available for bookings, just in case you want to take your next marijuana party on the road and combine it with a little sightseeing. All you need is to be 21 years of age.

And if buses are just too basic for your weed needs, fret not! The Weed Bus Club has you covered. You see, "Weed Bus" is a misnomer — the real name should run something along the lines of "The Weed Bus, Sedan, and/or Truck Club." According to the Club's website, "Whether you want to ride in a partybus, sedan, or truck, Weedbus has your Seattle Weed tour covered."

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They also provide airport pick up and drop off (because nothing cures your flight fears or relieves your jet lag like some marijuana), sno-cones and food service on the bus (how thoughtful!), and something called "Private Business Class Tours," which I still haven't quite figured out.

Why the plethora of amenities, you ask? Perhaps because the Weed Bus Club already has some pretty stiff competition — The Cannabus offers similar services for a slightly more expensive price of $50 for an hour-and-a-half tour. Both companies are also anticipating the arrival of more marijuana-themed transportation companies, so soon enough, Seattle renters might be able to just spend the night aboard one of these babies and call it a day.

So the next time you make it to the Emerald City, don't forget to make sightseeing experience something special.

Images: Weedbus.Club/Facebook; CannabisNW/Twitter; Getty Images (3)