Patrick Stewart's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is the Classiest of All — VIDEO

Not everyone wants to dump a bucket of ice water on his or her head. Actually, let's be honest here: very, very few do. Chris Pratt tried to avoid the frigid task by chugging a Smirnoff Ice, but alas, that could not save him from getting doused with ice water. Benedict Cumberbatch could not escape his inevitable freezing fate; he got doused multiple times. But then there are celebrities like Patrick Stewart. In his very, very classy Ice Bucket Challenge Video, Patrick Stewart manages to avoid an icy fate. Not many can do this, but Stewart schools us all in how to avoid a freezing fate. He exemplifies class. Did you expect any less?

Stewart spends the majority of the video writing a check — because remember, it's all about donating to ALS research, not about creating a viral video. Then, you'll see that Stewart does have a giant bucket of ice. But the tension builds up as he takes the ice cubes and puts them in a cup... will he drop the cup of ice on his shiny bald head? Then, against a silent backdrop, he pours himself a drink. Pratt may want to seek some counseling from Stewart on how he succeeded at imbibing an icy drink without getting iced, literally.

Sadly, Ian McKellen does not make an appearance.

You can check it out below.