Katy Perry's "This Is How We Do" Remix With RiFF RAFF Is Surprisingly Good — LISTEN

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On Thursday, Katy Perry debuted a remix of her current single "This Is How We Do" with rapper RiFF RAFF, and it's... surprisingly good? I mean, don't get me wrong, the remix isn't all that different from the original version of the song. Basically, instead of Perry's awkward "shout outs" during the bridge, we're just treated to a frantic verse from RiFF RAFF — but it's still a step up. But wait — who the hell is RiFF RAFF, anyway? And will this new remix help "This Is How We Do" become a hit? Those are two excellent questions, my friends! Let me see if I can clears things up a bit.

So, who the hell is RiFF RAFF, anyway? His record label, Mad Decent, calls RiFF RAFF (real name: Horst Simco) a "shamelessly eccentric Houston-born rapper and pop culture icon." I see. He's pals with the leader of Mad Decent, DJ/producer Diplo, and at some point, he was a part of a comedic rap group called Three Loco, along with Simon Rex and former MTV sensation Andy Milonakis. Okay, now I'm listening! His debut album, NEON iCON, was just released in June, and he looks like he probably spent a lot of time in Spencer's at the mall when he was a kid. This is RiFF RAFF:

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In March, RiFF RAFF told TMZ that he went on a date with Perry. No one, and I mean NO ONE, believed him — until Perry reposted RiFF RAFF's Instagram pic of their supposed date and everyone was all, "Damn, Katy. Your taste in men is so...hard to pin down." When Perry promoted the "This Is How We Do" remix on Twitter on Thursday, she joked about the RiFF RAFF dating rumors, leading me to believe that the two never actually went on a date, but rather, just got together so RAFFy could record his verse. Anyway, check out Perry's new remix below.

So, will this remix help "This Is How We Do" become a hit? I don't think so — but it certainly couldn't hurt! True, Perry has had success with remixes in the past — she remixed previous number-one singles "E.T." and "Last Friday Night" with Kanye West and Missy Elliott, respectively — but RiFF RAFF isn't exactly West or Elliott, if you catch my drift. He's RiFF RAFF. I don't think that his name alone is going to bring much attention to the song, which is kind of off to a slow start for Perry's standards.

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Actually, Perry's been in a bit of a slump lately (again, for her standards). Though she's already nabbed two more number-one singles with her latest album, PRISM, the era as a whole has paled in comparison to the days of Teenage Dream. Granted, I kind of doubt that any artist would be able to recreate the record-breaking success of Teenage Dream, but it seems as though attitudes towards Perry have shifted as of late.

She's been plagued with accusations of cultural appropriation in her recent music videos and performances, and her last single, "Birthday," just failed to take off completely. Are people getting tired of Perry's schtick? With her name on the short list for possible 2015 Super Bowl halftime show performers, she better hope not!

It's currently unknown whether or not Perry's "This is How We Do" remix with RiFF RAFF will see an official release. Until we find out, enjoy the track on Soundcloud (above).

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