'Big Brother' Donny's Battle of the Block Win Proves He's This Season's True Competitor

Aw shucks, y'all, my favorite Big Brother player and downright decent fella Donny Thompson just TOTALLY MOPPED THE FLOOR WITH THOSE SMUG KIDS HE'S PLAYING AGAINST. Sorry, I know that Donny said during Sunday night's episode that boasting and bragging isn't polite. But it was pretty damn awesome to watch the 42-year-old bearded fan favorite win a Battle of the Block competition that, not only was his block-mate Christine throwing, but one against a guy who proclaims himself as a Beast Mode Cowboy. Donny! Donny!

The odds were stacked against him in a ridiculously hard challenge (sorry, but Frankie's solo win seemed better without a teammate, anyway) that took place in the dark and during which his teammate Christine actively helped Cody and Caleb. It was an impressive win in and of itself, but one that felt especially glorious considering his housemates basically laughed in his face during the nomination ceremony. Maybe it was a joke to them that he was the only legitimate nominee, but by golly, it wasn't to Donny. Maybe they should rename him Beast Mode Groundskeeper.

Of course, for any fan that's been rooting for the sweet and sincere Donny this summer, this isn't anything new. Donny is a quietly strong competitor who has made it this far in the game by not being a floater (ahem, Victoria), or having a showmance, or being the sibling of a pop star. He's also done it without latching on to the dominant alliance in the house or making any major moves (sorry, Cody). Donny has done it all on his own. Even with all of his friends out of the house, Donny has managed to keep his head in the game and has, against the odds, take himself off the block. He's no pawn in this game, nor is he willing to let these other kids streamroll him out of the house.

Donny not only does well at mental and physical challenges (the latter, arguably more so), but he's got viewers on his side. If the Team America member doesn't go all the way (though, fingers crossed he does, so long as Derrick and Frankie don't throw a wrench in that), you better believe that he's going to win fan favorite and have some major influence in the jury house. We've already done the math, and no matter how this season turns out, things are looking up for Donny. But after Sunday night's incredible victory, how can you not root for him to go all the way?

Image: CBS