'Big Brother' Christine & Cody's Showmance Should Be Replaced With These Better Options

Although the Zankie showmance was basically sunk when Zach Rance was evicted from the Big Brother house, there are still two showmances afloat to keep Big Brother fans occupied. The first is the adorable relationship between Nicole and Hayden that was rekindled when they both wound up in the Jury House. The second is the more controversial relationship between Christine and Cody that hasn't sat right with a lot of viewers due to the fact that Christine happens to be married. In fact, her husband Tim Brecht is pretty much the coolest guy ever, so viewers are very much justified in wondering exactly how Christine can be getting so cozy with Cody when she has a guy who does YouTube covers of Ariana Grande's "Problem" waiting for her at home.

The fact of the matter is that Cody doesn't really think he's doing anything wrong in flirting and cuddling with Christine because she's the one who is married and not him. However, someone really needs to sit Cody down and make him realize that he looks like a hotter, younger John Travolta and his showmance options don't begin and end with Christine. In fact, if Cody wants a showmance then he should try any of these options instead.


Before Hayden and Nicole began flirting up a storm, Nicole and Cody made up one of the Internet's favorite showmances. It might have soon become clear that Cody, at least, only saw Nicole as a sister type, but now that she's back in the house there's plenty of opportunity for that to change. Nicole and Hayden haven't made it "offish" quite yet, so Cody would have to move fast if he still wanted a shot at winning Nicole's heart. At the very least, he can squeeze as much cuddling out of her as possible before she gets evicted again.


Let's be honest. Victoria doesn't know how to play Big Brother. She's still in the house because she's easy to manipulate and is incapable of winning a single competition. Kathy Griffin even zinged her by pointing out that she had no zing ready for her because she was only supposed to insult people who were playing the game — a one-liner that went right over Victoria's head. Having a showmance with Cody would finally give Victoria something to do with her time besides get played by Derrick and destroy Zach's beloved pink hat.


Frankie is lost in a sea of loneliness now that Zach is gone. Okay, so it's kind of Frankie's fault that Zach is gone and he doesn't seem to miss Zach anywhere near as much as he should, but Frankie is still one half of a showmance gone sour and cutting ties with Christine would put Cody in the same boat. They could find comfort in one another, especially since Frankie is an incredibly affectionate person to begin with. Not to mention Frankie already has a little crush on Cody. And look how cute they are.

Image: CBS