VH1's 'Dating Naked' Star Sues Reality Show Over Nudity Proving It Pays to Read the Fine Print

Well here's omething new: Dating Naked star Jessie Nizewitz is suing the show for broadcasting a shot of her naked crotch. In a scene in which she and her equally nude date wrestled on the beach, her crotch was exposed without the usual blurring that the show employs. The show airs on VH1, and it's basically like any other dating show, except of course its stars are naked.

Now, a lot of media outlets and headlines have scoffed at Nizewitz, wondering why she has a problem with being shown naked on a show called Dating Naked. However, she claims that she and the other participants had agreed to appear on the show if those areas were blurred out. Broadcasting the image of Nizewitz's crotch seems like a breach of contract and is highly unprofessional of the network.

Yes, the model does seem to be overreacting and has made a bit of a fool of herself. She's seeking $10 million from the network in addition to an apology. She's also complained about her grandmother watching the show and seeing the shot, but I wonder how surprised her grandmother was, considering that her granddaughter was on a nude reality TV show. Yes, Nizewitz has behaved a bit unprofessionally, but the reaction to her complaints seem a little too patronizing. Nizewitz went into the show with certain expectations, and she is now being chastised for expecting those to be met.

Image: VH1