Kim Kardashian at the VMAs Surprised Us By Being the Most Low-Key & Refreshing Part of the Show

When have you ever said "Kim Kardashian" and "low key" in the same sentence? Probably never — until tonight. Mrs. Kim Kardashian West at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards was a breath of fresh, low-key air in the midst of a hectic, over-the-top telecast that featured a number of offensive, poorly timed jokes. Even though everyone was wearing an outfit from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, there was no classic Kim K glam and everything about her just seemed so honest. Dare I say it, has motherhood turned Kim Kardashian into one of us? I think so.

This was Kim Kardashian like you've never seen her before. Seriously. It might be the fact that she added West to her name officially or the fact that she just spent a motherly weekend in San Diego where she actually wore a pair of sneakers . But Kim Kardashian was the chillest, most normal part of the VMAs and it was amazing. I've never appreciated Kim more — not even when she did her ugly-crying face.

So, in an effort to put the good vibes out into the universe that Kim will stay this way so we can all love her forever, here's an homage to all the times Kim Kardashian was so chill at the 2014 VMAs. Well, and one time that she was too chill, because for some first-timers, it's difficult to know when you're overdoing it.

So Chill

Reading the teleprompter

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Unlike her little sister, Kendall, Kim can actually read a teleprompter. She can read, people, she's just like us! How chill, Kim, how chill.


Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No dark eyeliner? No crazy extensions? This is Kim K like we've never seen her before — aside from the plunging neckline, it looks like this is #IWokeUpLikeThis Kim and NOT Glamsquad Kim.

Laughing-off the Kanye Jokes

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I always knew that Kim Kardashian had a sense of humor. And at the VMAs, she proved it when she laughed off the Kanye West and ALS jokes semi-host, comedian Jay Pharaoh made. They were offensive and Kim could've been pissed if she wanted to be, but she totally took it in stride and smiled and laughed while secretly thinking, "This guy is the worst." #Chill


Too Laid Back During Ferguson Tribute

Or maybe too chill. Kim seemed thoroughly uninterested in MTV's Ferguson tribute and moment of silence that occurred during the telecast. She didn't even reprimand Kylie Jenner for texting during the tribute. There is such thing as too chill, Kim. And this was it.

Images: Getty Images (3), MTV