The MTV VMAs Featured The Most Awkward Robin Williams Tribute & That's a Shame

Really MTV? During the VMAs telecast on Sunday night, the music network gave viewers a Robin Williams tribute that was not only too short but was completely awkwardly timed. After presenting the award for "Artist To Watch" to girl group Fifth Harmony, the show cut to an unannounced In Memoriam for the late comedian that was basically just a three-photo slideshow set to the Coldplay song "A Sky Full Of Stars."

Here's the deal MTV. One could say that doing a tribute to the actor on an awards telecast for music videos doesn't really make any sense. But if you're going to do it, then do it right. I believe the tribute was absolutely the right decision but the execution was totally off-putting. And placing a commercial right after the too-short tribute only made the channel look like they had a technical difficulty and accidentally cut out a majority of the memorial slideshow.

And if the problem was that there wasn't enough time to make the tribute longer, then don't do it or cut down some of the nonsense filler you make presenters spew before they announce the winners for their respective awards. This tribute was not at all worth the comedian it was remembering and respecting. This tweet from journalist and humorist Mo Rocca sums up the tribute perfectly:

MTV should have known better. We all wanted better.