'Real Housewives of Orange County' Danielle Gregorio's Drama Unfolded Off Camera

As if this season of Real Housewives of Orange County wasn't already jam-packed with enough, the finale was filled with the culmination of the season's conflicts. We got the latest chapter in the ongoing Tamra/Shannon/Lizzie/Heather/Brooks feud (whew). But everything with what was supposed to include RHOC newbie Danielle Gregorio seemed to end up on the cutting room floor, so we missed out on hearing her view on the fight. Actually, we missed hearing her opinion for the entire finale, save the one second they cut to her when Shannon asked her a direct question. But you'd have to be comatose to not somehow be involved in that epic RHOC fight. So what side did Danielle fall on that pentagon?

Since everything involving Danielle's arc was cut, including trying to expand her business and stating that her husband Joe isn't gay — which, as far as I know, nobody doubted (until they insisted it so intensely to various websites, including Examiner), we didn't get to hear much of what she thought.

Danielle was credited as a friend of Lizzie's and they're pretty close, just look at how many times Danielle tags Lizzie in her tweets. Anyone who can hog your notifications without making you annoyed is a real friend. They're also both a little younger than the rest of the Housewives; in their mid-30s with small children. Plus, Danielle was the only Housewife besides Vicki to show up to Lizzie's infamous birthday party.

At that party, Vicki nicknamed Lizzie and Danielle "dumb and dumber," which they tried to laugh off but seemed to still get a little under their skin. It's safe to say that they haven't been particularly close with Vicki after that. And she hasn't really mentioned Shannon, either — doesn't seem like they've talked very much.

But Danielle tweeted an appreciative pair of kissy-face emojis to Heather Dubrow when she congratulated Danielle and Lizzie on their first episode.

Turns out the two are actually old friends. Heather got along well with Lizzie, too, throughout the season, bonding over their shared identities as working mothers (restraining the instinct to roll my eyes). And all three ladies bonded as the few OC brunettes while on the cast trip to Bali.

Danielle's not much of a social media addict, but out of all the cast members, the one she interacts with least is Tamra Judge. And considering Tamra referred to her as a "famewhore," it doesn't seem like there's much love lost between the two of them. According to Tamra, the two have made up, but since she also says that everything was Danielle's fault and doesn't seem to own up to her famewhore comments, Danielle might have a different perspective. We'll just have to wait for the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion to find out.

Images: Heather Dubrow/Instagram