Blue Ivy's Already an International Superstar

You might have noticed that the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards were basically just a two-hour pre-show for the world's greatest Beyoncé concert. However, while Beyoncé was killing it onstage, another tiny showstopper was killing it in the audience. Her name is Blue Ivy Carter and, at two years old, she is already a queen. Of course, we could have all guessed that based on sheer lineage alone. Blue Ivy has proven that she's a diva-in-training in the past, after all. However, when Blue Ivy started dancing to Beyoncé during her concert, the Internet had the biggest meltdown it's had since, well, the concert began.

In defiance of all the rumors that had been flying around claiming that Beyoncé and Jay Z are getting a divorce, Sunday night was an adorable family moment that proved the two are just as in love with each other and their beautiful baby as they ever have been. Meanwhile, Blue Ivy not only supported her mother by gracing the VMAs with her presence but also by dancing along with her songs and even saying something that was either "Go mommy" or "Yeah mommy" into the microphone when Jay Z carried her onstage.

Blue Ivy's popularity was already high considering who her mother is, but it's skyrocketed through the roof after the 2014 VMAs. Let's look at the numbers.

Trending Topic

Blue Ivy is currently the seventh highest trending topic in the United States and the third trending topic related to the VMAs. In a two-and-a-half-hour-long awards ceremony, Blue Ivy's existence is one of the most talked about moments to come from it, second only to her mother's concert. Flawless.

Number of Tweets

Considering the fact that tweets are rolling in at a rate of about 50 per minute, there's no doubt that this number has doubled or even tripled since Trendoa Brazil reported it.

Number of Vine Retweets

When is the last time your Vine got over 3,000 retweets? Never? Hmmm... You must not be Blue Ivy.

Number of Front Page Covers

Sure, Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy are rocking the New York Daily News front page as a family, but that headline 100 percent belongs to Blue Ivy. You might even consider this Blue Ivy's cover with Beyoncé and Jay Z just there as her entourage. Make sure you get her good side, guys, because Blue Ivy is officially a star.

Number of Famous Fans

While I'm sure that Blue Ivy has more celebrity fans than this, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's shameless fangirling of the baby super star have received tens of thousands of favorites. Swift and Beyoncé both performed at the VMAs, but Blue Ivy reduced them both to tears with her existence. You tell me who's the bigger star here.

Number of Regular Fans

At this point, Blue Ivy has too many fans to count. Not bad for a girl who's only two years old.