Proof That Blue Ivy is a Diva-in-Training

Beyoncé and Jay Z are one of the world's most influential power couples and for very good reason. Their star power combined makes so much bank that Beyoncé and Jay Z's "Run" video had fans clamoring for it to become a good movie when it was only intended as a promotion for their upcoming On the Run Tour. This is the couple that can make the news for something as small as Beyoncé's missing Jay Z tattoo to something as large as the elevator scandal involving Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. Naturally, this is no different for their daughter, Blue Ivy, especially since Beyoncé shared pictures of Blue Ivy on her website on Thursday.

Blue Ivy has a bright future ahead of her. Pictures of the little girl's face have been few and far between, with Beyoncé only allowing profile shots or shots from the back rather than put her child on display as other celebrity children have been. Despite that, Blue Ivy is still one of the most famous celebrity children in the world due largely to exactly who her parents are. Even North West has got nothing on Blue Ivy's publicity; perhaps the only child more famous is Prince George.

If there's one thing we can take from Beyoncé's photos, it's that Blue Ivy has all the potential she needs in order to become a star in her own right before she's even ten years old. All the hints are right there.

1. She Already Has Songs Out

On Beyoncé's self-titled surprise album, there was a song called "Blue" which of course featured Blue Ivy Carter on the track. It was her singing debut though it would not be her last. Blue Ivy is also featured on a Jay Z song titled "Glory", which opens with the sounds of her first heartbeat. How many children do you know who have produced music before they could even talk?

2. She Made Billboard History

All right, so this one isn't new, but it fits. Because of her two songs, Blue Ivy has already made history. She is the youngest person to appear on a Billboard chart ever. "Glory" charted at number 74, with Blue Ivy credited as "B.I.C.", which is sure to be the name of her first album if she ever decides to release one. You know, in between learning to ride a bike and getting some milk for her animal crackers.

3. She Ignores the Cameras Like a Boss

Pictures of Blue Ivy directly facing a camera are very few and far between, thanks mostly to the efforts of her mother and father. However, when Blue Ivy does appear on camera, she's completely unruffled and doesn't even seem to notice that it's there. She's already learned the fine art of living life even around the flashing of a lens, like a true boss.

4. She's Practicing Her Strut

Beyoncé shared a photo of Blue Ivy wearing her high heels and being adorable dwarfed by them considering how small her feet are at this age. However, the fact that Blue Ivy is trying on the heels at all is a sure sign that she's getting ready to follow in her mother's footsteps. After all, no one can strut quite like Beyoncé.

5. She Has Excellent Lineage

Blue Ivy is the biproduct of two musical juggernauts. If she wanted to, she could take over the world just by writing a tell-all book, let alone what will happen if and when she proves to have musical talent of her own. Between Jay Z's rap/hip hop skills and Beyoncé's feminist experimental pop music, Blue Ivy is getting a great education that could lead to a great career.

Image: Beyonce.com; beyonce/Instagram