Will 'Teen Wolf's Peter & Kate Kill Scott? They Seem Confident in a Mysterious Plan

Can we all agree on one universal Teen Wolf fact? Peter Hale is not a good character. He's good in the sense that anytime he's onscreen, I can't help but watch, but you guys know what I mean. He's an evil character, through and though, despite helping Derek in different scenarios and saying that he is on the same team as the rest of Scott McCall's wolf pack. Sure Peter gave The Benefactor the idea for the dead pool without even realizing, but Derek's uncle has already proven his dark side is still very much intact when we all found out he was cavorting with Kate Argent with a plan to kill Scott McCall. Now that the dead pool contracts have been terminated, Peter and Kate's true alpha murder plan is the baddest item left on the Teen Wolf Season 4 evil doings list. So what exactly does this plan entail? And why does Peter seem so sure it will work out? Also, what the hell does Kate get out of it?

We've known since Season 3A that Peter is desperate to get his alpha powers back. Peter and Scott will undoubtedly face a power struggle for Season 4's last few episodes and it will undoubtedly culminate in some kind of battle. But Peter and Kate are too sneaky to just try and fight Scott McCall man to man-and-woman. They must have a few tricks up their claws.

Because Kate and Peter are working together, I think it's definitely appropriate to assume that whatever voodoo she did on Derek to make him age backwards and then take away his wolf powers can now help put this Scott McCall-killing plan in action. It seems as though the two evil-doers decided to start working together after the voodoo magic happened. But perhaps the wolf powers Kate took away from Derek could somehow be transferred to Peter. Derek did say that Peter seemed to be growing stronger. Maybe Peter is growing his strength by killing random supernatural creatures and assassins like The Mute so that when he eventually faces off with Scott, he'll actually have enough power to be a true match for a true alpha.

But what does Kate get out of all of this? Other than Derek's destruction and possible demise at her own hands, there's not much more advantage I can assume she's receiving from Peter becoming the Alpha again. Unless Peter's rants about wanting to restart the supernatural race in his own image during his coma were actually what Peter still believes, despite what he told Sheriff Stilinski, Lydia, and Parrish. Things are starting to get a little too confusing for me on this show, so it might be best to sit back and let it all play out. Your move, Teen Wolf writers.

Images: MTV; cocoslash/Tumblr