'Teen Wolf's Peter & Kate Are Definitely Planning To Kill Scott, Silly Rabbits

It should have been clear, in a twisted way, that from the moment Kate Argent's blue were-jaguar face showed up at the end of last season's Teen Wolf finale, she and Peter Hale would be crossing paths. They even seem destined to be working together, despite that whole thing where he ripped her throat out and murdered her — or at least tried to. Now Peter and Kate have teamed up to kill our own Scott McCall. Silly rabbits, these kinds of tricks are for kids who don't watch Teen Wolf.

Consider this part two of the "Peter Hale This Is A Terrible Idea" series. The first took place when Peter was just a liiittle too excited that Scott still being alive. That was definitely a sign that he was just biding his time to do his own murdering in his own time, and now it appears that time is coming.

We learned a lot about Peter Hale's twisted mindset this episode, as Bustle's own Keertana Sastry explored. His motivations, as ever, don't make a lick of sense and make him seem like he'd rather be Wile E. Coyote than standing around Beacon Hills in V-necks. But in this episode Kate asks Peter if he's trying to bail on their plan — an Peter responds with a "Not when I'm this close to killing Scott McCall."

God dammit Peter.

Have you learned nothing? Have you not seen Scott McCall defeat villain after villain, up to an including yourself? This ain't the best laid plan, dude.

So would Teen Wolf actually kill of Scott McCall? In short: No way in hell. The only possible way that could ever occur in this world is pretty much in the ways it already has: His body technically "dies" for a short time while he or his pack accomplish something, like happened just last episode or like Scott, Stiles, and Allison pulled last season. There seems to be only one other death option possible here: Scott dies (killed by Peter) and stays dead for some undetermined amount of time — maybe just enough time to really work everybody into a mourn-y lather over losing him — and then is resurrected somehow. But that would feel a little...unbalanced, considering that people like Allison will presumably be staying dead.

But considering the massive horde of devoted followers surrounding Scott like a forcefield at all time? Yeah, Peter Hale's going down.

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