Frankie Grande Promoted Ariana Grande's 'My Everything' Album On 'Big Brother' Because They're Adorable — PHOTO

Ariana Grande's new album, My Everything, hit iTunes at midnight on August 25 and it's already shot to number one. Not that this is much of a surprise, considering her first album, Yours Truly, debuted at number one as well. However, the journey to get to this point has not been without its tragedies. Not only did Grande's grandfather pass away in July, but her best friend and number one fan, half-brother Frankie Grande, isn't at home to celebrate with her. Frankie is in the Big Brother house competing to win money to build schools in Africa, but playing the game has never stopped him from helping his sister promote her music. Why would this time be any different?

The other house guests are aware that Frankie is Ariana Grande's brother and he's taking advantage of the fact that he no longer has anything to hide. If you were a Big Brother fan who had never heard of Ariana Grande before, then Frankie probably fixed that quickly. Not only did he name drop her several times in the two night premiere of Big Brother season 16, but his HoH room has featured baby pictures of her, grown up pictures of her, and access to three of her singles from My Everything. In honor of the album's release, Frankie left a message for viewers of the Big Brother live feeds to buy it on iTunes.

He might be in the middle of a competition and he might not have actually spoken to his sister for a couple of months now, but the distance between them hasn't stopped Frankie and Ariana Grande from supporting one another no matter what. When Frankie won HoH, Ariana sent him a letter telling him that she loves him and that she would be performing at the VMAs, not to mention the fact that she has been running his Twitter in his absence. In return, Frankie has mentioned several times how much he loves Ariana, how much he misses her, and how committed he is to keeping Caleb far, far away from Ariana.

Zingbot might have joked that Frankie is pale from standing in Ariana's shadow all the time, but if she might actually gain even more fans thanks to his self-appointed role as her PR manager even while trapped in the Big Brother house.

Image: GleeWiki