6 'Big Brother' Moments Frankie Grande Is Going to Regret

It's been established that Frankie Grande has the best social game in the Big Brother house. In fact, Frankie plays his game so well that the other house guests constantly alternate between furiously realizing that he's got them right where he wants them and resigning themselves to the fact that he's useful and there's nothing they can do about it. Considering HoH Nicole Franzel's plan to backdoor Frankie has fallen apart thanks to Christine's refusal to use the veto and, unbeknownst to her, Cody and Derrick betraying her plans to the Detonators, Frankie's status in the household is uncertain right now. He's a big player, yes, but how long is it going to take before that comes back to bite him in the butt? Is Frankie going home in the double eviction?

Honestly, I've always thought the second worst part about being sent home from Big Brother — aside from losing the chance to win money — is having to catch up on episodes of the show and find out what the Internet really thought of you while you were shut away from the world. When and if Frankie gets a chance to really sit down and examine his actions in the Big Brother house, there are some gameplay moments that he might eventually come to regret even though they seemed necessary to him at the time.

1. Betraying Zach (three times).

Frankie might have a genuine crush on Zach, but that hasn't stopped him from using Zach or throwing Zach under the bus if it will help his game. At this point, Frankie has helped turn the house against Zach twice to get him evicted when house opinion turned against him. Then there was the Team America mission to convince everyone that a house guest was related to a former Big Brother competitor — something that had the potential to put a huge target on their back — that Frankie immediately suggested Zach as the pawn for. If Frankie doesn't regret any or all of it by now, then he definitely should.

2. Not evicting Caleb.

When Team America was tasked with going after a strong player and putting them up for eviction, for some reason they chose Amber Borzotra for the task instead of Caleb "Beastmode Cowboy" Reynolds. Considering how much trouble Caleb has caused for the house based on his ever-changing feelings for Amber, it's utterly bewildering that Frankie fought harder for Caleb to stay than he has for Zach during this entire game. Caleb might be loyal, but if he ever finds out what the Detonators really think about him then those days are over and Frankie will wish he was gone.

3. Trusting Christine.

Christine has really been bringing her A-game this week, becoming one of the most devious and underhanded guests in the house on her quest to get Zach evicted once and for all. She's lying to everyone all the time about everything and even her former friend Nicole, one half of the friendship showmance Nicotine, is so over her. Frankie and Christine seem to look out for one another more than anyone else, but how long will it be until Christine turns on him too?

4. Messing up his last name.

With how hard Frankie has been working to keep the other house guests from finding out that he's related to Ariana Grande, you'd think he'd be a little more careful. Frankie has been pronouncing his last name as "Gran-dee" instead of "Gran-day", but he slipped up at one point that went thankfully unnoticed by the other house guests. However, if they put together all the clues he's dropped so far, from his sister Ari to the baby pictures he got of his family to the fact that he calls his recently deceased grandfather Grandpa Grande, then he's going to be in real trouble.

5. Trying to get Donny evicted.

Donny is one of the more popular pawns in the house because he's so well-liked that people will vote for almost anyone else to be evicted over him. However, ever since Donny turned down a Team America mission that could have seriously jeopardized his game, Derrick and Frankie have considered it America's will to get Donny evicted eventually. Once Frankie finds out that Donny is basically beloved by America and is actually a genius for saying no, he'll probably regret this campaign.

6. Throwing allies under the bus.

It seems like the closer you are to Frankie, the more likely it is that he's going to betray you at the soonest opportunity. He did it to Victoria, he did it to Zach, he did it to Caleb, and he's doing it to Donny. All those people were either "friends" or alliance members of his. He even admitted to Nicole that it will soon be time for him to stab everyone in the back if it helps his game. As more and more people get evicted, Frankie's going to start regretting that he has no true allies in the house.

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