Hayden Let A Big Secret Slip at the Emmys

We haven't even reached the halfway mark of the 2014 Emmys red carpet, and already celebrities are spilling secrets to E!'s Giuliana Rancic. Nashville star Hayden Panettiere revealed that she's having a girl and it might have been an accident, but we're so glad she let it slip. Fans of the ABC series are especially hungry for any details about the star, since we now know Panettiere's pregnancy will be written into the storyline of her character, Juliette Barnes, in the upcoming third season.

So how did Panettiere spill the secret? Rancic didn't even ask her what she's having, Panettiere just said, "I'm thrilled. I can't wait for her to come out. Little one." And Rancic immediately realized she's stumbled across the scoop. What did she decide to do with that scoop? Ask Panettiere the most stereotypical, cringeworthy questions you could ask a pregnant woman.

First up, "A lot of women, when they know they're having a girl, they go pink. Like, pink explosion. What are you doing?" Panettiere will not give in to those questions, however, with a typical answer and responded with, "We're not doing that...," before continuing to say that she's working with her interior designer to create a room that her daughter can grow up in.

Rancic also decided to ask Panettiere what she's craving, because it is physically impossible for someone to interview a pregnant celebrity and not ask about their food preferences. In case you're curious, Panettiere responded with chicken soup — thrilling stuff.

Alas, it turns out that the reveal that Panettiere and her fiance Wladimir Klitschko are having a daughter is all we would privy to, as Rancic's question about baby names was met with a vague response.

We have to make sure that it is American and Ukrainian. All at the same time. So, that's a little rougher. We're still working on it. We've got some options though.

So does this mean anything for Nashville? Not at all, unfortunately. We're still left to wonder about the father of Juliette's baby, what will happen with her and Avery, what the future holds for her music career, and more. But at least now fans know that after a long day of filming, Panettiere will be going home to a baby girl.