Nanu Nanu, Jimmy Kimmel

It's going to be the toughest part of the night by far when the Emmys' tribute to Robin Williams finally has its moment. Luckily, we know that not only will many of Williams' friends and colleagues be in the audience to help say goodbye to one of the greatest performers ever, Jimmy Kimmel will be wearing some Robin Williams history very close to his chest. Literally.

On his way to the 2014 Emmys red carpet, Kimmel tweeted a picture of him and his wife with the caption "Subway to #Emmys #Mork." While I'd like to dwell on the fact that Kimmel's LA Metro trip to the Nokia Theater at LA Live for Monday night's Emmys is so cool and really environmentally conscious, there's something that's just a little more special than saving energy. Kimmel was rocking some rainbow suspenders with a smattering of pins in a clear tribute to Williams' classic extraterrestrial, hence #Mork.

For those who weren't soaking up '80s sitcoms, Mork is Robin Williams' iconic character first from Happy Days and later from the spin-off Mork and Mindy. Of course, the story goes, Williams' particular brand of comedy was so impressive to Happy Days' creator Garry Marshall that he gave Mork the extraterrestrial his own show. And considering Mork was the first role to ever nab Williams an Emmy nod, Kimmel donning a little tip of the hat (er, suspender?) to Williams' TV legacy could not be more on point.

Nanu nanu, Mr. Kimmel.

Image: ABC