Ed Sheeran & Courteney Cox Take Ice Bucket Challenge Together & It’s Not as Random as You Think — VIDEO

Hollywood produces a lot of out of the ordinary friendships that probably wouldn't exist elsewhere, but the one I truly never saw coming is that between newcomer Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox of Friends fame. Taylor Swift's ginger bestie and Monica freakin' Geller? Left field, much? But then again, Swift is the great celebrity unifier, so maybe Sheeran's learned a thing or two about how to get along with nearly anyone on the planet. So, OK, maybe it's not as strange as previously thought. And why hasn't that girl gotten into diplomacy yet?! Even better than the fact that Sheeran and Cox are buddies, is the fact that this friendship isn't exactly new. Yep, they're been at it for a while. Need some proof that their unlikely relationship has stood the test of time? The talented Brit just helped Cox complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

As if an Ice Bucket Challenge between the seemingly random pair couldn't get any better, Cox was responding to being challenge by Jennifer Aniston, keeping the Rachel and Monica BFF dream alive. Thanks for that, Courteney. And Sheeran didn't show her any mercy because he dumped quite a lot of ice and frigid water on top of her head, and then it was made worse when two other people came at her with an ice bucket triple the size. At least she had her beautiful (and I'm assuming warm) pool to jump into after chasing off the drenching culprits.

Courteney ALS Icebucket on YouTube

Their backyard bucket challenge, while entertaining and endearing, is barely noteworthy in their friendship when you consider that the Cougar Town actress was kind enough to actually shelter her younger and less fortunate chum. Sheeran announced last year that Cox was letting him stay in her beach house to which the world replied, "Huh?!" But Sheeran, equally as sweet, thanked her with an Instagram post asking the world to vote for Cox in the People's Choice Awards.

So cute.

He captioned the pic, "My friend Courteney is nominated for a People Choice Award for favourite cable tv actress. She's never won one before and she lets me live in her beach house, so how's about we all vote for her and win her the damn thang eh?"

And Cox and Sheeran relationship isn't only based on an exchange of homes for PCA votes, Sheeran pulled a total Patti Stanger and set Cox up with his friend and her now-fianc é , Johnny McDaid. Seriously Sheeran, the parallels between you and Swift are getting a little too eerily similar for comfort.

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I suppose it's also worth mentioning the time when Ed got wasted at Jennifer Aniston's Thanksgiving Eve bash and then went on to share a nice, traditional Thanksgiving meal with both Aniston and Cox the next day. Now that would've been a fantastic Friends episode.

Here's to more weirdly cool interactions between Sheeran and Cox in the future.

Images: teddysphotos/Instagram; Getty Images