Sarah Hyland's Had a Roller Coaster Week

Her show may have just won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series on Monday night, but unfortunately with the good news for Sarah Hyland, comes some sad news as well. According to Us Weekly, Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop have split after five years together. Sources who spoke with the Us say that the breakup was amicable and her rep confirmed. One source told the website, "Sarah's doing fine. It didn't work out. She's young. They decided they would be better off as friends." While Hyland appeared happy on stage with her costars during the Emmys, Us points out that she attended without Prokop.

Hyland, 23, and Prokop, 24, met at an audition for High School Musical 3, but he landed a role while she didn't. Even still, they obviously hit it off. The two went on to star in a Disney movie titled Geek Charming together where Hyland played a popular high school girl and Prokop (you guessed it) played a nerd. Outside of their work together, during Prokop and Hyland's five-year relationship, they moved in together and adopted a Maltipoo dog named Barkley Bixby. I might be going out on a limb here, but was his named perhaps inspired by Clive Bixby? Or maybe it was the other way around...

Dog name inspiration aside, while it is surprising to hear that Hyland and Prokop have split after such a long time together, it's great to hear she's doing well. And who knows, since things are amicable maybe these two can meet again someday for another movie with an unbelievably cheesy title.