Karrueche's Jokes About Blue Ivy's Hair Are Awful

Just when it appeared that everyone cared way more about Blue Ivy's hands than that adorable mass of curls atop her head, yet another tasteless joke about Blue Ivy's hair quickly proved that assumption wrong. While hosting BET's 106 & Park, Karrueche Tran made fun of Blue Ivy's hair by saying, "I really did wake up like this... because my parents never comb my hair." I will continue to say this until I'm blue in the face (no pun intended), but Beyoncé's baby girl is only TWO. YEARS. OLD. It's time to let the Blue Ivy hair jokes go already.

Sure, Tran was simply reading lines from a script, but as a self-professed member of the Beyhive and someone who is constantly subjected to vicious online attacks because of her ongoing relationship with Chris Brown, this seems like an especially insensitive thing to do. Aside from Blue Ivy's young age, there's the longstanding stigma surrounding black hair in its natural state, which makes me wonder exactly what made the writers at BET think this was OK. That awful comment was completely inexcusable on their part, as well.

Just to make it clear, this isn't some blind, one-sided argument that Blue Ivy jokes should be off-limits simply because she's Beyoncé's daughter.

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are probably plenty of people who believe her hair possesses magical powers and would mesh well with unicorn hairs to produce a wand stronger than Harry Potter's, but I'm choosing to be completely objective about this situation. Blue Ivy's a kid who can't dismiss the haters with a hair flip, or hop on a diss track to tell naysayers to "Bow down, bitches." She can use her hands to expertly mimic her mom's moves, but like a typical 2-year-old, they're not yet coordinated enough to style her own hair, so basically everyone needs to lay off. Making fun of a kid is never cool.

After the segment aired, Tran took to Twitter to defend herself:

If Tran intends to co-exist peacefully among the rest of the Beyhive, she should realize that making fun of Blue Ivy's hair isn't the way to go about it. Moving forward, she might want to be a little more selective about the gigs she accepts, especially if she's required to insult an innocent child.