Never Say These Things To A 'Full House' Fan

Riding in on the wave of '90s nostalgia that is so hot right now, Full House could be getting a reboot. Like Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell, Full House might be the next show to hop on the spinoff train and allow us to "regress into an idyllic childhood that never actually existed," as Sean O'Neal writes for AV Club. John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on the show and has "ownership stake" in the series, has been trying to put together a Full House spinoff since 2008, which is a long time to wait for a reboot of a '90s sitcom starring children that are no longer children and have no interest in being involved in the project whatsoever. Given the circumstances, it's unclear whether the spinoff will be any good, but either way, it's probably happening and it could either be the best spinoff we never knew we wanted or the worst spinoff we knew we didn't want and still don't want because it's just not the same anymore.

But Stamos seems to know what he's doing. Full House reruns have consistently pulled in major ratings on Nick at Nite, so it might be time for anti-Full Housers to embrace the nostalgia and let Full House fans have its moment. Again. Full House is probably happening, so here are some useful phrases Full House haters should probably keep to themselves. No use fighting the '90s nostalgia.

"Full House is sooooo cheesy"

WE KNOW. We don't care.

"Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky would have never worked out in real life"

They could have. And they did. Kind of.

"John Stamos isn't even that good looking"


"Danny Tanner was the worst TV dad ever"


"Michelle Tanner was cute, but super annoying"

"How, RUDE!"

"None of the story lines were believable"

Again, we know this. This is not news.

"Full House had the dorkiest catchphrases"

"DUHHH!" Don't even act like you've never said "Oh Mylanta"

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